Boyfriend too... Explosive? Lol

Hey so when my bf and I either have sex or just mess around, he makes a crazy big mess when he gets off. I mean like he is a real good shooter. Like he can shoot it over my head after pulling out. And this is a regular occurrence. And I mean multiple shots that far too, pretty much every time. Do any of you have bfs or guy friends that are similar and what do you do to keep from making a big mess. I've tried towels which work sometimes, or having him try to cum on my boobs which again sometimes he overshoots and then who knows where it's going to end up lol. Any advice? I usually don't have time to go straight from sex to in my mouth, as he usually only gives me like a 2 second notice lol...

Um... I dunno, aim it more downwards?

Lol yeah I mean that works sometimes... I feel like I'm being repetitive but he seriously is like a cannon haha. Even aiming it down it sprays all over. I've been with some good shooters but this guy is at another level. Lol

Depends how much, I suggest him having self control for at least 5 seconds after the warning so you can take it and not have it go everywhere

I guess if you don't want to deal with a mess, use condoms (boooooo hissssss booooooooo)

Melissa, I can try telling him to give me a few seconds longer instead of waiting til the very last second. Hopefully he will lol. And as for condoms, sorry not happening lol.we did that for a little bit and its just so much better for both of us without using one. Guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it, literally haha

I've had one guy like this, who was like a sprinkler when he was cumming! Like it wasn't 1 solid stream, it literally sprayed out in multiple directions and pretty far too. I don't really have any advice on containing it other than having it go in your mouth.

Honestly, I thought it was hot as fuck, despite the mess!

Tell him to give enough time so you can take it in your mouth. Or get him off with a blowjob first and then have sex.

Maybe have a towel ready so when he pulls out, he can spray it in the towel?

So I tried the method tonight with telling him to give me enough notice so I could take it in my mouth, annnnd definitely didn't work well lol. As he pulled out before I could get my mouth to it he started his usual explosion. Alllll over my face, and hair. Like I eventually got it in my mouth but damage done. I don't mind a mess sometimes but it was on my couch after this too haha. Definitely going to try the towel method and the bj method too next time. He apologized but honestly I think he can't control himself once he gets close. Like he doesn't realize how close he is until it's like 3 seconds from spraying lol

do you let him cum inside you? other than that from my experience sometimes you just gotta take one for the team, literally and metaphorically...

That's insane girl

Damn that is kind of hot

I agree, that's hot. My b/f shoots huge loads of cum. Not found a good way to stop it. The only one that sort of worked was at a rainbow party where several girls all took his load. When we are alone it's just messy.?

How many girls did took his load? Did they all get some?

Hey RachSoccor - probably 6-7 girls around him but only 3 had a lot of cum on them. ?A couple had a little on their face or in their

Call me dumb but what is a rainbow party?

A rainbow party is when girls use different colored lip gloss or lipstick so that when the give a guy a bj his cock has different colors on it making it look like a rainbow when he is hard.?

Lol, ohh I get it now.


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