yes or no?

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 Yes! Your boyfriend you ejaculate into the anus?


Ever look at a girls cleavage or outline of her boobies and get aroused?

ever look at a girls butt and get aroused

Yes! All the time lol

Have you ever noticed another girl and just wonder how her vagina looks just to compare??


Have you ever wanted  to just walk up tp a girl and just kiss her?

yes,how you ever have sexual dream about relatives or family member 


Would you want to do anything sexual with one of your relatives or family members? ?


Have you ever wanted to do something sexual with a teacher

Oh Yes!

Sver do somehing sexual a relatives boyfriend?

Yes! Have you ever done a titjob?

no , would you ever do blowjob for money

Yes. Have you ever been groped or felt up by and older relative?


You've heard your parents having sex

No. Do you get wet while making out?

no,would you ever make hand job to some brother for 10 000$

to my brother? no

have you ever had sex in class

No but I have fingered but not to orgasm.
Have you seen someone masturbating in class?

Yes haha. Have you ever being fisted?

I have tried it on myself. 
Have you

es only one time , would you ever smell socks from friend for money 

No. Would you ever wear the same pair of panties for more than one day

yes i try that few times, Did you ever try piss in mouth

No. Have any relatives seen you topless?

you, Did you any relatives see you naked

Yup, mum dad, and grammy

Ever watched someone give a BJ in public

Yess! At night on a party haha. Has a guy ever made you wet while you were dancing with him?

Yes , Did you ever be wet when you saw some relatives 

Have you ever had sex with your cousin?

No. Have you ever had sex in a car?

Yes. Have you ever been sworn at, ie, called a cunt?

yes, Have you ever touched a guy in class, like during a movie day?


Do you ever get wet while giving a blow job?


Have you ever watched porn around any family member without them knowing?

my answer to the question is no i have never given a blowjob

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