yes or no?

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do you sleep naked??

yes, always.
ever made out with a guy or girl while others watched?

Have you ever gave a blowjob in public?

Yes. Love the thrill.
You spit or swallow when sucking?

Do you alternate hands when you jerk him off?

You ever had more than one guy at same time?

have you ever had a guy & girl at the same time?


Have you had sex with a stranger before?

Have you ever masturbated with the curtain open knowing someone maybe able to look in?

Have you ever an orgasm by surprise, like you were already turned on and something just rubbed the right spot accidentally?

yes, edging then tried to go somewhere but had pushed myself a bit too far haha

have you ever accidently peed yourself after the age of 10

No. Do you like girls?


Could you imagine to have sex with an grandpa?

Nooo. Have you ever given a bj in public?


Have you caught someone had sex in public, watching them while pleasuring yourself? (Happened to me twice)

Yes, in college I was using the bathroom when a couple came into the stall right next to me and started fucking. I masturbated to orgasm listening to them.

You like having your feet played with?

No, not into anything to do with feet, other than a phase i went through of grinding against the ball of my foot when i was younger.

Have you ever masturbated in the same room as someone else, without them knowing?


Do you have porn collection in your computer or external hard drive?

Yes, ex pics. But for my personal use only.

Do you still talk to your first sexual partner?

Yes, occasionally more than talking, ;)

Have you masturbated while skyping with other ppl?

No, not skype

Have you ever heard your parents having sex?

Anyone else got a secret pee fetish?


please try not to bump old threads?

hey...i am a BI ...any girl wanna chat? about exciting x tings with me? please come to my in box

Most of the people bumping old threads aren't real people or creeps

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