yes or no?

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would you have sex with a friend and her boyfriend at the same time.

would you have sex with a friend and her boyfriend at the same time.

Have you ever done anal?

Do you dare to take off your panties after school and come back home like that?

Have you ever noticed a bit looking up your skirt?

Have you ever been without underwear in school?

Yes 1 hour only
Do you watch between men legs to find out if they have big or small penis?

if you know a boy is trying too look up your skirt do you ever spread your legs a bit just for trills?

If I like him ;))))))
Do you masturbe in front of the mirror and watch ,?

Yes I've tried but the problem is I close my eyes when it starts feeling good.
have you ever flashed your boobs to someone out of your bedroom window?

No not from bedroom window bit yes from a bus.
Have you ever sent a photo of your boobs to anyone?

You would have sex with a teacher to get better censorships/grade/mark (education)?

Yeah if I really had to I wouldn't mind, although I've had a few old lady teachers I definitely wouldn't want to get naughty with lol.
Have you ever given a blowjob or had sex to repay a favor or because the guy had something you wanted?


Have you puked in a public transport (e.g. bus)?

No. ?

Have you ever given a blowjob to a guy that one of your friends has made out with before?

^thats very specific lol?


Have you ever make a video of you masturbating?


Do you have peed in the pants before/because laughing?

Do you have masturbate outside?


Do you like pussies more than dicks?

No. (I like both as I am bi, but prefer dicks)
Have you ever had bikini malfunction at pool?


Would you be an actress in a porn movie?

No. But the idea is thriling
?Do you mind to be nude at ftont of siblings?

No I don't mind. If I had a brother I probably wouldn't want him to see me though lol.
Have you ever masturbated or had sex while a sibling was in the same room, and did they know what you were doing?

No, because I do not have siblings. I could it imagine with a sister.

Did you had sex at a public place?

Have you ever done live cam on omegle or Chatroulette?


Do you like high heels?

Not really.

Do yougo comando?


Do you like liver (eat) ?

Would you ever walk topless at home?

yes, i do it but only if i am alone.

Cameltoe with you? Yes or No

Yes, when I wear leggins at school it is possible or when i get out of the pool

Do you look sometimes between a man legs in bus to see if he maybe has a big or small dick ?

ummm, yes

Have you ever won a prize?

Yes I have, a volleyball throphy

Have you ever rubbed toothpaste on your clitoris

Have you ever sent a photo of your vagina (not with your face) to anyone?

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