yes or no?

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Have you ever taken bj to the stranger?

no, but that would be kinda hot??

have you ever used your phone vibrate for some action ;)?

Nooo I get way too wet and I don't have a waterproof case lol

You taste your own cum when you masturbate?

Do you have to put a towel underneath you when you masturbate?

Oh god yes lol

You've had an orgasm simply from having your nipples sucked

no but that would be interesting!

have you made someone orgasm by touching or licking anywhere besides their penis / vagina and nipples?


have you ever orgasmed without touching?

No and I honestly think that's not even possible

Do you own at least one sex toy?

Have you put a toy up your butt

Orgasms without touching are completely possible. I know someone who orgasmed from laughing hard.?

Yes i I have used a toy if a hairbrush counts.?

Ever finger your butt only to discover you weren't clean??

yes. sometimes lol
ever u get fingering by stranger in public place or transportation?

Once lmao, it was hot
have you ever squirted at school /work?

kind of, in the school restroom. sometimes it gushes out a bit but it doesn't squirt out like you see in porn videos lol
have you ever had an orgasm riding your bicycle?

No but it does make me wet and a bit horny.

has anyone ever noticed that you were wet through your pants?

Yes, alot. It's why I wear alot of sundresses in the summer lol.

You've seen a member's boobs

seen a memeber's vag?


A member has seen your boobs

Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online?

Have you ever being fingered in public?

Yes once by strangers when sitting next to each other on the bus .. I get an orgasm while holding back embarrassment .. but it's really hot
Have you ever given oral sex to several different men in a day?

Have you ever told a guy you liked that you were a virgin when you really weren't?


Do you like the taste of sex? (whether you like to put in your mouth, penis or vagina)

Yes, I do.
Have you ever been spit-roasted ( one dick in mouth and one in pussy)?

Yes I did this recently and it was incredibly hot!
Have you ever tried the 69 position?

Yes sure, love it with guys and even more with gurls. Been doing 69 with my bff at really young age :)
Ever do cum-swapping with another girl?

Yes, love it

Ever suck another girl's toes?



dammit I forgot quotes don't work. This board sucks?

To answer Talia2009 nope?

have you ever farted during sex?

Have you ever flashed your boobs at a stranger?

Did you ever allow a boy to sperm on your face ?

Did you ever swallow sperm?


Did you make out while in school?

Have you ever tasted your own pussy wetness?


Did you ever had sex with 2 boys at the same time?

No but what a hot idea
Have you ever got off with a lad that you knew already had a girlfriend?

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