yes or no?

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ever kiss a guy on the mouth agter swallowing his cum?

For any girls who don't use condoms, have you ever had a guy's cum leak out of you long after you thought it was all gone?

Ohh yes...always a surprise.?

For the same group of girls, can you feel his cum entering the back of your vagina?

No? but definitly feel it leak down my thigh

Most embaressng situation when cum leaked out of you unexpectedly?

I was wearing a skirt and had just had sex at a party, not many people saw though.
Have you ever been caught being naughty with a guy by your parents?

Oh yea not a fond memory.
ever caught being naughty by your brother or sisters?

Younger sister? she didnt totally understands I got away with it?? She thought the boy was hurting me

Ever catch a sibling have oral or intercourse or partially undressed being sexual?

I caught my older sister once, pretty awkward.
Ever been walked in on while masturbating?

Yes by my mom and roommates many times.

You've been walked in on during sex?

ever securely watched a couple having sex?

Have you ever had sex in the kitchen?

Yes on top of the table
have you ever caught your brother jerking off?

Have you ever given a handjob to guy with a girlfriend?


Have you had an orgasm just from having your nipples sucked?

Yes but I was also rubbing my thighs together

Have you ever rubbed tyour thighs together and orgasmed with anyine else in the same room?


Have you ever worn a skirt to school with no knickers/panties on?

Have you ever worn a thin or see-through shirt with no bra underneath?


Have your nipples been in someone's mouth in the past 24 hours?

Have you been eaten out in the past 24 hours?


Have you had cum in your mouth in the past 24 hours?

have you ever been caught playing with yourself?


Have you ever been double penetrated?

Not by two penises but by a penis and fingers.
Have you ever put a guy's balls in your mouth?


Have you ever been in public with cum on your tits underneath your clothes?

Have you ever gone out in public with cum on your clothes without realizing it?

Have you ever watched your g/f give your b/f a handjob?


Have you ever let someone touch your butthole?

Have you let someone lick your butthole

Yes, it feels really good lol.
Have you ever licked someone else's butthole?

No but have had it done to me.?
Have you scissored with another girl

Have you ever been in public transportation wearing miniskirts without underwear?

Have you ever licked balls?

yes ,
Have your boobs or buttocks squeezed out by stranger in a public place?

Have you ever blowed 2 guys ?

Have you or would you try double penetration?

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