yes or no?

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Hmmm... would wearing only a cowgirl hat and showing up as a gift for seomone's brithday be considered? If so, I guess yes.

If your boyfirend asked you to have a threesome with him and a close friend you both knew, would you?

Yes if the close friend was another girl.

would you let your BFF if she was a virgin watch you have sex just so she could see how it was done??

YES! I even did it once. She was not a virgin, but she was shy and did not even try to join.

Would you let your boyfriend to have sex with another girl and watch them doing that?


would you have sex with another girl if your boyfriend asked you to so he could watch?


If you and your boyfriend had a bad break up, would you show up by his best friend's house wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels?

NO! Can't even imagine something like that))
?Have you ever had sex with a guy that was goin on after he came and you made him cum more then once during the act

Yes I think so depending how you define it, I don't think most guys can just keep going after orgasm I think they need a break. But if you mean like, do it once, take a break, do it again then yes.

Have you ever let a long distance relationship significant other either tell you what underwear to wear every morning or have you text him every morning to tell him what underwear you are wearing? Is that one too obscure lol, the things we do to feel connected!!


Are you shy but like a badass pornstar in bed with someone?

have you ever given your boyfriend a hand job under the table of a cafe?


You've ever gotten sperm in your hair?

Yes)) I like to do it while laying on my belly so there were some sperm in my hair few times)) Lol

Have you ever did it in the sea??

In a swimmng pool only

have you ever given a guy a handjob in a public place placing your hand in his pants unzipped?

No. But I have had my head in a guy's lap in a public place and felt a boner against my ear. Which was weird.
Have you ever been fingered by someone (not yourself) in a public place?

Yes Very exciting
have you ever kissed another girl in public?

Kissed - yes all the time, made out - no never in public
Do you openly comment on your girlfriends bodies like "you have the best boobs"?

do you watch porn when you masturbate?

Yes a lot of the time.

Is it hard to go more than two days without masturbating?

Yes it is Very hard to go more than a day
have you ever masturbated in front of a mirror?

Yes I have, it wasa like watc hing a porn show with me the actress

Do you enjoy being watched while masturbating?

Yes!! Very much!!
Did you ever masturbate when more than one person is watching??


Have you ever masturbated with a piece of food (cucumber, banana, etc.) ?

yes.. well when I wa young i tried with a cucumber i dont think it fit or I was too scared to really get it inside me lol
have you ever shown a friend how you masturbate?

Yes I have.
Have you ever fingered yourself anally?

do you ever masturbate because ur depressed?

Yes. Do you like having your nipples touched while doing a blowjob?

Do you ever finger yourself while giving a blowjob?

Oh yeanh,? I try to encourage the guy to finger me often

Ever keep sucking after havng a guy cum in your mouth and have hm get hard and cum a second time?

Yes. Usually if he gets hard again we move on to having sex though.
Have you ever slept with a guy you just met?

No ??
If your bff started to date your ex, would you give her the 'scoop' on your ex? What he likes or not or turns him in or not..

Nope? let the poor girl learn on her own and suffer

Ever have sex in a place another couple was having sex??

Not in the same room or anything. Sounds like it could be fun though.
Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?

yes. when things go really hot and sweaty a little pain excites more

ever spank another girl?

Ever taken a guy's virginity?

Yes just to see what its like to be a guys first
Ever taste yourself after masturbating?


All the time!

Ever taste a guy's load after he's cum inside you?

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