yes or no?

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Yes ( in a tent when camping)

ever masturbated in school?

Yes but I didn't orgasm?

you've watched a girl change in the locker room and hoped she didn't notice you watching her undress?

Omg - yes (blush blush)

ever masturbated while thinking about a friend getting undressed


Has a BFF masturbated in front of you??

no but it would be so hot if she did

ever worn vibrating panties ??

NO (but never say never lol)

Have you gone braless and your nipples showing thtough your clothes??


ever been pantsed by a friend?

NO Jess

Have you??

It's a popular activity in the changing room of my football (soccer) team after a game - so yes!

ever not made it to the loo in time and wet your panties?

That pantsing game sounds fun but only in the locker room lol

yes I've wet my pants before from a sneeze. Oops?

you've tried to lick or suck your nipples?

You keep a mirror next to your bed?

True and I've used it many times.?

Youve tried to look up your actual vagina?

Yes kinda

were you taught how to masturbate right??

No I explored my vagina on myself :)

Have you ever been caught masturbating


have you given a blowjob to more than 1 guy in a day?

no(t ?yet)

have you used a fruit/vegetable in place of fingers?


have you ever been naked at a party

only topless

Have ever been caught naked by a relative

Yes but nothing scandalous (girl cousins have seen me naked, my brother has seen my boobs)

Have you had sex in the same room with another couple?

Does the back seat of a car with another couple is doing it in the front seat count.

have you ever had sex outdoor on a blanket?

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