yes or no?

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No siblings. Have you ever skipped sleep to masturbate?

Yes ;D?
Have you ever orgasmed during a naughty dream??

Yes and afterwards i wake up so wet lol. Ever masturbated while thinking about girls?

All the time
Every have a naughty dream about a school friend

Ever had sex on the shower?


ever had sex in the woods?

No but ive masturbated outside.
have you masturbated on your period?

Yes, it was messy haha
have you ever been caught masturbating?

ever caught another girl masturbating

yes she was so embarrased
?ever masturbated in front of lots of people at a party ?

yes during a truth or dare game

ever let someone else touch your pussy in front of a lot people at a party

Yes ?But in front of five BFF.

Have you ever orgasmed by masturbating in front of friends But NOT Girlfriend / Boyfriend???


sortof... we were both under covers 5' appart but knew the other was doing it

hye used a finger in the backdoor on yourself?

Yes I have

you have tried something other than your finger there?

have you ever tasted yourself off of a boys finger?

have you ever sucked a boy after he came inside of you?

have you ever gone without underwear to a nightclub?

No, never even been to a nightclub!!

Ever masturbated in a public restroom/toilet?

in a public park restroom during a family picnic.

Yes I've done rhat

Ever masturbated on a train or in a bus

yes. in a train also on the school bus ;-)

ever put something in and left it there for a period of time (besides a tampon)


Have you ever used anything unusual as a sex toy??

Yes, a carrot and a hairbrush handle
have you ever choked yourself while masturbating?


ever taken a pee outdoors?


ever streaked on a dare?


would you streak "Now at the age you are"??

Yes I would

Would you go to a public place when you're wearing vibrating panties underneath a skirt

Yes. It's super sexy if someone else has a remote control for it. And especially if you are around people like at a family dinner at home.

Ever watched porn with someone in the family?

Yes with my older sister

Ever worn revealing clothes on a family event


Ever caught a boy (who wasn't your boyfriend or brother) jerking off?

Ewww... it was my brother's best friend...

Ever been caught talking sexy to your bf/gf?


Ever masturbated Hoping someone would catch you?

Yes. Ever wanted to watch porn with another girl?


Ever touched the breasts of a straight friend?


Ever masturbated outside??

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