yes or no?

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@Haileysd ?By Puffy I mean the areola / nipple sticks out above the breast.

True ( I hate bras only wear one when I really have to like to school to stop nips showing through uniform shirt)?

Have you sunbathed naked anywhere??

Once on holiday with a friend in Croatia?

ever been to to a pool party when people got naked?

Nope :(

Do you ever ho naked at home? (not your bedroom / bathroom)

sometimes, but it's not like I hang out naked...but if I happen to be nude and I need something from another room or downstairs, I'll just go.

Did you get any Valentines Day loving?

Have you ever stayed up all night having sex without going to sleep?


You regretted your first time?

Very much so!!! But I don't regret my first time with consent.

Have you ever came while getting oral from a boy?

Absolutely yes (you just need one who understands your anatomy and it's sad how many don't)
Do you try to make sure you make love on your birthday

if i'm involved with someone,'s nice, but I don't HAVE to

Have you ever had really good, close emotional sex that made you cry?

no, a lot of it for me is ?how good it feels

Have you ever used someone else's sex toy (after washing it... or before if you're extra naughty lol)

Yes, but not a "real" sex toy, and yes I was extra "naughty"?

Do you ever wake up "wet" in the sexual sence?

Yes sometimes very wet. ?Angie may I ask what the toy was??

you've ever humped a stuffed animal?


Have You ever humped a stuffed toy or pillow etc in front of someone?

Yes when much younger

Did you ever let somebody watch you take a pee

yes (turned me on a bit lol)

ever pee through your swimsuit while not in the water?

No ?(but did in water)

Did you ever pee standing up??


ever take a pee outdoors?

Have you ever played footie under a table with someone you liked while others were there?


Ever had a bath / shower with another girl??

Shower yes

Ever shared a shower with more than one girl?

Yes but we had bathing suits on. Dumb I know?

youve had your butt touched (just cheeks) by another girl

Yes, my best friend did it a few times

You had your pussy rubbed by a person who was sitting next to you, bt you hadn't a relationship with that person


Do you shower naked as School / Swimming Pool / Gym ???

I've showered after a soccer game at school. I was very naked haha

youve taken off a friend's underwear?



No. Have you ever gone outside naked?

Yes. Have you ever used a household object to masturbate?

Yes. Have you tried orgasming multiple times in a row?

Yes. Have you ever received nudes?

Yes. Have you masturbated in public? Where?

Yes. Change room at school.
have you ever spent a full day masturbating?

Yeah but i took a couple breaks in between. Have you been caught masturbating?

No. Are you masturbating right now?

Yes. have you tried edging, like masturbating without letting yourself orgasm? How long can you do it?

Yes, ?I edge most times for 30 - 45mins. I could go longer.

have you masturbated in front of another girl??

No but i want to. Have you masturbated with your sibling? Girl or guy?

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