yes or no?

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Do you like your nipple size?

I do. Well, if you mean how big around the areola are. Mine are about nickel sized and think they suit my boobs well.?

do you have that defining crease on your butt, like that one that separates your butt cheeks from your legs?

I'm not really sure what you mean.

You have masturbated today?


You can't watch porn more than a few minutes without touching?

Depends on porn. If it correspond my mood in which i am... than yes.

You cant read posts on gurl without touching yourself?

I can read posts without touching myself

Do you like to reach out and help others?

Yes I do. That's part of the reason I chose the university program I am in. To research and help others who went through similar experiences like I did.

Did you know that a boy's dick can be fractured (even though there is no bone inside it) when it is erect?

That sounds like something I'd rather not encounter.

Do you ever masturbate reading posts?

Yes (I have my hand down my leggings right now)
Have you ever made yourself squirt?


Didnyour first time having sex feel good?

Not at all!

Have you ever had a boy squirt way too soon when you were making out?


Have you ever had a boy go limp during sex?


Have you ever made, or had a boy cum when he didn't have a boner?

No. ?Is that possible?

Ever had anal sex?

ever been doubly penetrated at once



Any words you feel are too dirty for you to ever say?

Yes quite a few.

Does the sound of yourself saying "I'm going to cum" brings you over the edge??

Ever watched you masturbating in the mirror?


ever record yourself masterbating?

@haileysd Yes, yes it is possible. :)

Yes I have recorded myself masturbating

Have you ever given a boy a footjob


Have you ever kissed a boy in middle school?


Did you date boys in middle school?


Do you have dark nipples?


Do you have dark vagina??


Do you like dark boys?


Do you find bigger boys sexy? Bigger as in whole figure. Notnjust that part.

Yes. I prefer boys who are slightly overweight to too skinny.

Have you ever had a boy give you a rim job?

No. I've been eaten out though.

Have you ever incorporated a sex toy into the bedroom with a s/o?

No but I want to

Have you ever had someone else but you a sex you?

I don't understand the question. Sorry?

No question yourself Sammy?
Ever inserted something into ur anus whilst masturbating

Ever inserted something into ur anus whilst masturbating

Oh, yes!

Ever been in (or fantasized about) a threesome?

Oh YES (To Both) with Girls.

Do you or Have you ever had puffy nipples?

Depends on what you mean by puffy, ?maybe when my boobs started growing, but generally no.

You didn't start wearing a bra until after you needed to?

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