yes or no?

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No(thank God )
Have you ever had sex in the rain ?

no. the rain we are sitting at home. you had sex in the winter on the street?

Nope ;)

You ever used a siblings/relatives electric toothbrush to masturbate because you were mad/angry on that person


have u ever discovered a relatives sex toy and used it ?

Discovered yes but not used

ever heard a relative masturbating ?

I dont think so...

have u ever heard a friend masturbating?

Yes - on a sleepover and on holiday

ever shared a shower with a friend?

Yes, a few times.

Ever caught a friend masturbating??

Friend no, brother yes

Have you ever had doggie bent over a chair or table wearing high heels?

yes and i loved it!!! it happened again yesterday

ever had a guy give you a facial cum on your hair?

Ever had a guy tell you he was sorry he cum in you?

no lol

?ever watched porn with a friend

ever masturbated with a friend?


ever had 2 guys at once?

yes,a few times and loved it

ever had a threesome with a girl and a guy


Yes many times!

Ever have a guy suck your toes while fucking you?

No, but he kissed my leg.

ever have a guy added a finger or two into you while fucking you??


ever watched a friend touch herself at school?


Ever heard another girl masturbate at school? ex: bathroom stall?

Do you enjoy receiving oral ?

Yes very much.
Do you enjoy giving oral sex?

Do you enjoy giving oral sex?

Yes very much! (I only have done oral with girls.)

Have you ever licked your juices from the person who just went down on you?


have you ever flashed someone?

Yes my bf.
Have you ever gave a guy oral after a few minutes of sex just to taste your own juices?

yes. have you ever let a bf or gf shave your pussy?


Have you ever seen your brother naked and got extremely horny?

Yes a cute boy that I see.
Ever catch a boy masturbating in a public place like a bus or train?


Have you ever flashed your pubic hair in a public place?


ever had a 'nip slip' in public?

Yes in a swim top at a pool.
Have you ever lose a swim top diving?


have you ever skinny dipped?

Yes, several times.

Have you ever seen a dick in person or otherwise that you thought was gross?

No, I don't find them gross

Have you ever seen one too small?

No, my experiences have all been with very average ones.

Has anybody ever commented (good or bad) on your breast size?

Yes, mean girls :(

Would you ever get a boob job?

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