yes or no?

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Only once! ... sorry, new here :-)

Ever passed out during sex (too much alcohol)?


Ever had your partner pass out?

yes, he feel asleep during a BJ, i went and watched TV

ever had sex on a beach?


Ever been watched having sex?

you do blowjob under water?


Did you swallow on your first blowjob?

Condom the first time or bare??


Is one of your breasts more sensitive than the other?

No, but both of my breasts are very sensitive
You were scared your first time orgasming ?


Is one of your breasts larger than the other?

No both now the same.

Do you find it easy to have multi orgasms.

Depends. ?Sometimes.

Ever started masturbating and lost the mood for whatever reason?

Yes. But I keep going anyways?
Ever forced yourself to masturbate even if you wernet horny??


Ever had sex on your period?

No. I've actually only had sex once?
Ever wanted to be in an all girl orgy??

Not particularly?

You shave your pubic hair?

You wear thongs??


You have masturbated with a friend?

spit or swallow when a guy cums in your mouth?


Since there are 69 pages... would you rather 69 for foreplay

Yes sometimes

Have you ever cum from 69ing?

you are above or below? in position 69

either but i prefer on top
ever stuck your finger up his ass while in 69 ?


I get tired quickly from the top ((. yes, once the boy was very excited during a blowjob and he asked me to poke a finger in his ass. You farts during sex, in the pose of Doggie?


You've had anal sex?


You've used a non sexual item to masturbate?

Yes, I've used a carrot, hairbrushhandle and pens/mpencils/ markers to penetrate my pussy and a clothespins to squeeze/clamp and pull my clit ;D

You've had something inserted in your pussy when you had dinner with your family


You've had orgasm in an unexpected way? (New masturbation method, new sex partner etc)

Yes, I sucked my thumb up. You spasms during orgasm astonish your boyfriend?

Have you ever been to a sex party?

no. you had anal sex without a condom?

No ,always use protection?
Have you ever fantised or have mastubated with a friend?

no. we just talked about sex and were excited. you strengthens your natural moan during sex?

Yes (seems like we the only two playing this game)?
Have you ever confessed or toldtoldyour parents you mastubate or have sex?

Yes my mom knows I masturbate, I have hinted to her I would like a vibrator. My mom took me in June to have an IUD.
Has your mom ever told you about her sex life when see was a teenager?

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