yes or no?

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Again I'm dripping while at work lol.

Are you naked right now?

I took off her panties, and put a towel in the ass))). you use a towel?

Aww not taking your top off? lol When I do it on the couch yes I have to lol

You've been in public with a guy's cum on your tits?

guy cums cum on boobs are not public. you feel disgusted by semen in the mouth during orgasm boyfriend?

Hell no I love cum lol

You get naked to masturbate?

I too) I masturbate naked alone. you masturbate anally?


You've had an orgasm that felt like it was shaking your uterus?

never. You fantasize about having sex with two guys?

YES! That's usually when I squirt actually.

I'm gonna ask this again because I don't think it was understood the first time lol. You've been in public with a guy's cum still on your tits under your shirt?


Besides inside you, where is your favorite place to have sperm shot on you?

Boobs and belly :).

Your guy can reach your face when he pulls out?

He's overshot my head a few times lol

You savor a guy's cum in your mouth before you swallow

you have snowballed a guy


Yes he ask for it

Have you ever had such a hard contraction when cumming with him inside you that you pushed him out??

First time you let a guy cum in you, you did'nt realize it would run straight out when you stood up?


Sex felt different than you expected? much better.

You talk to your friends about ur fantasies


do you fantasize about big dicks?

I'm afraid of them!
you feel the hurt of a large penis?

yes they hurt, but worth the pain
you love cum running down your leg ?


You enjoy cum in your mouth?

of course! for me it is a reward for my work)).
you could hardly swallow cum boyfriend?

False. There's been a lot more than l expected at times though.
You've had some ask if it's ok to cum in your mouth?


You enjoy knowing his sperm is inside you a couple hours later?

Mmmm yes :)

you like to have the taste of his semen on your tongue from foreplay as he nears his ejaculation inside you ?

mmm yes

ever been the girl that a guy has slept with to cheat on his girlfriend with?

debbie96, this is an interesting fantasy, I am excited by!

you had sex and then in the morning greatly regretted it?


You ever passed on a chance to have sex and regretted itvthe next day?

no. you had sex 3 or more times a night?


You love it when someone is sucking your nipples

Yes, my nipples are very tender. you suck nipples boy?

Yes I sometime suck bf''s nips. I dont think guys get turn on like we do from nip sucking.

Has a guy ever called out you name as he ejaculated inside you?

but even worse has a guy ever called out another girls name when he's with you lol ?


Have you ever had sex wearing thight highs?


Ever regretted deciding to have sex in the middle of it?

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