yes or no?

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Ever had sperm pool in your belly button?

Too many times

Ever imagine a girl fucking yourself with a strap on??


Ever had anal sex?


Ever had a guy just rubbing his penis against your clit and vagina until both of you cum?

Yes, but I came then he went inside.

Do you like to pull the guy tight toward you when he cums?

If you mean when he's inside me, yes

Do you usually cum harder rubbing, or penetrating, or rubbing when penetrating??


did you bleed your first time?

Yes, hurt so much too.

Did you cum when you first masturbate??

Not the very first time, but soon thereafter.

Was your first orgasm what you expected?

No, it was way more than what I had in mind and I had another one right after the first.

Did you find your first orgasm "mind blowing"?

yes it was amazing.
do you find sex addictive?



do you find sexting addictive??

Yes it can be.

Do you find masturbating addictive?

yes very

do you use porn to masturbate

I have. ?Have you ever masturbated under running water of a faucet?

Ever had a shout to hurry up in the shower because you've been maturbating and lost track of how long you've been in there?


Ever masturated in a car?

Yes, but never finish

Ever masturbated near an open window??

Yes (but on my bed)

Were you taught how to masturbate properly?

Yeah by my mom. Yeah it sounds weird now but my mom is just such a free spirit and so open.

You've seen a member of these forums naked

Have you ever masturbated with a friend? (probably been asked before)


Ever touched another girl's vagina?


Ever masturbated thinking about a member of these forums?


Ever masturnating while reading these forums?

Yes, I masturbate now))). you lick your fingers during masturbation?

Not usually.

You have ever had an orgasm without touching your clit?

Yes, during the reading of literature and porn nipple caresses. you feel a shiver during orgasm?


Have you ever felt your entire body shake during an orgasm?

Yes. when I was little, I was scared. you fainted during orgasm?

No but I've blacked out a few times for a few seconds.

Have you had an orgasm yet today?

Yes, I masturbated in the afternoon, and you?

Yeah I masturbated this morning.

You've had an orgasm while reading these forums?


Are you horny right now?

Dripping at work.

You're masturbating right now? (For the record I'm not, again, at work lol)

yes! are you wet?

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