yes or no?

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No but it is one of my mbating fantisies.
Have you ever let bf watch you shave your legs?


have you let him watch porn while you help masturbating him off??


Do you find it hot as he loses control and thrusts urgently inside you as he gives in to the need for release ?


Does rough sex turn you on further??

Yes but there is a point when l'll say something though.
You've wished a partner would show a bit more enthusiasm?

No he's pretty good lol.

You're satisfied with your partner's penis?

Yes, it seems to like me too btw.
You've tried everything you can think of but have'nt been able to make your partner cum?

You've tried everything you can think of but have'nt been able to make your partner cum?

Yep - usually seems to be alcohol involved. :-/

You like finishing things with a bj after he's been inside you?

Yes. We often 69 after sex.

Ever had a boy give you a rim job?


The first time he came inside you bare you were surprised at how much or how little you felt of his ejaculation ?

Yes the first time my bf ejaculated inside me bare there were so many new feelings, thoughts and sensations going on in my mind when he finished I almost ask him if that was all to the act.

Have you ever let you lover wipe your v area clean with a cloth or wipe after he ejaculated inside you??


I have and it would usually made me want more so I would clean it myself.

Had sex with your guy multiple times in a row and let him cum inside you everytime??

No my bf has to have about 12 hours to recharge.

Have you ever mbated with a condom covered vegetable?

you've grabbed something to masturbate with not really caring what it was in the heat of the moment?


Have you ever pressed your vaulva area against a washing machine on spin cycle?

You've been caught doing it?


You can get one nipple hard without making the other one hard?

False (both hard)

Would you teach a younger Sister / Girl Cousin / Girl Friend to Masturbate just by showing not touching each other?

Yes, probably.

Have you ever watched a female friend masturbatd?

Yes, one of my fondest memories.?

You think female masturbation is sexier?

Hmm no not necessarily?

You think girls who arch their back during orgasm is sexy??

Yes, definitely.?

You think squirting is hot?

Never seen it but it doesn't do it for me in porn?

You like the taste of sperm?

It's not something l crave but it's not that bad sometimes either.
Ever let someone cum in your mouth with the intention of swallowing and just could'nt do it?


Ever licked sperm off your own boobs?


Ever had a threesome with your best friend?


Does it turn you on listening to someone moaning your name??

Never had that, actually.

Can you turn yourself on by talking dirty?

Hmm.....interesting, never did that, I'll find out and come back to you lol

Does it turn you on reading text from someone what they want to do to you??


Ever spread your legs to give someone a view while they masturbated?


Ever masturbated with a guy and let him cum on your vagina?

Ever tried to aim a guy's penis to get him to cum where you want?


Does making a guy cum on your clitoris make you cum??

Not directly, but it is a mental turn on.

You enjoy feeling sperm shoot inside you?


Watching a guy cumming all over his penis and stomach turns you on??

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