yes or no?

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No. Has a girl licked your pussy

No. Ever looked really closely at a girl 'down there'?

Yes. Have you ever received a cumshot on your boobs?


Have you ever given a lapdance to a guy?


Would you ever refuse sex with a guy if his penis was REALLY small or REALLY big?


Would you ever masturbate with friends?

Ever yell something ridiculously stupid when orgasming?†

Yes. Have you ever deliberately let someone see down your top

No - not that much to see.

ever taken a pee in front of another girl?

Yes, family.
Have you ever had sex in a car?

Ever imagined doing something sexual with a family member?

No. Ever imagined doing something with a teacher?

Many times!

Ever go braless to tease†† strangers?

No. Have gone braless but not to tease.

Ever deliberately let a boy look up your skirt?

Yes..†† walked up stairs wearing short skirt and kept a good distance walikng up several flights.† Noticed him looking.

Have you ever† seduced a virgin boy?

No. Have you ever / would you ever when sitting down†wearing a skirt (e.g on a train), open your legs enough to let a stranger see your knickers?

I have and acknoledge I know he is looking

Ever let your bikini top fall off by accident?


Have you ever gotten back with an ex just to have sex with them again?

No. Ever gone to school comando?

Yes. Ever been caught during a private moment? By who?

No. Ever heard anyone masturbating or having sex?

Yes. Do you tell your friends you masturbate?

čNo, I'm embarrassed. You've seen your friends naked

Yes played dress up in hs† and hs showers

Wouls you gave sex wit a frieds brother so ge could lose his virginity?

Would you have sex with your guy best friends so he could lose his?


would you have sex with a model on the first date†

No. Have you ever tried double penetration?

With toys but not dicks. Want to.
Have you squirted

No :( . Would/have you do/ever done a hj on a first date?


Would you let someone finger you on the first date??

CheyUnder269:yes.Would you let someone finger you on the first date??†

mmm Yes! Will you let her finger you even if it was another girl?

No. Have you ever made a guy to cum in his briefs?

Yes† handhob with my hand in his zipper

Ever tell a boy you want to have sex with him?

Not outright asked. Ever had a guy you could'nt get to cum no matter how hard you tried?

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