yes or no?

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Do you think its a big deall to give a guy a hand job or is it no more a big deal like just kissing?

Yes. Ever given a bj to someone you should'nt have?


Ever just stair at someone and wishing their head was between your legs??

Lol yes 
You ever ffinger your ass?

Yes. Have you ever done a handjob?


Ever have your bra off on a  first date?

Rayne:Many!Ever have your bra off on a  first date? 

I've had EVERYTHING off on a first date ;)

Would you let a guy cum on your feet?

Yes. Would you let a guy cum in your ass?

Would you let a guy cum in yourpussy

No. Do you like being cummed inside?

yes!!!! Lol

Would you pee on someone if they ask??

Sorry n golden showers

Have you ever been fingered in a moie theater?


Ever have sex or masturbate in a public pool??

Ever had sex in a public place?

No. Have you ever been fingered?


Havery you ever let someone finger your ass??

No. Have you ever done a titjob?

No mine are too small (((

Ever give a handjob in a movie theater?

No. Has your dad seen you topless?

Nope but my mom and my little sister have.

Has someone in your family ever see you naked?? 

Yes, my mum. Have you ever done an erotic striptease for someone?

Yes, my bf. Do you like guys' cum?

Nope... girls cum tastes better lol

Is masturbating better than sex??

No. Do you squirt multiple times?

No. Have you ever had a guy ask if he can cum on your face?

Yes unfortunately gets in your hair also

Ever get caugh giving a blow job?

No, l'm good at hiding. Ever get cum on your clothes?

Yes on my blouse. Have you ever had sex in public?

Yes if a frat party counts

ever sit on a guys face as he performed oral?

No - but a girls face.

ever put a finger in ur butt when u masturbate?

All the time. 
Ever put a dildo in your butt

No. Has a guy ever cummed inside you?

 often. Have you kissed a guy feet?

No. Has a guy kissed your feet?

no. Has a guy licked your pussy

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