yes or no?

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brandneweyes00: noHave you ever taken your clothes off for money?Have you?



Have you had multiple orgasms in one session?


Chloe S:

brandneweyes00: noHave you ever taken your clothes off for money?Have you?



tsarfruit:No.Have you had multiple orgasms in one session? 


have you ever had sex/fooled around at your place of work?

​would you like to swap with a friend one day the guys for sex


Have you ever given a guy a hand job or blow job to get  a favor?

Do you regret losing your virginity to the person you did?


Have you ever gotten a foot cramp during an orgasm?

  I might cramp the perineum.
Your boyfriend licks your ass?

One boy did.
Would  you lick someones ass

Ever let 2  or more guys take tunrs  having sex with you voluntarily?

Ever masturbate in front of a window?

Ever masterbate in a car?

Ever crticize your partner during sex?

Never! He isfntastic the way he has sex

Ever masturbate in a public rest room?

Ever had sex in a tent?

Yes. Ever been offered money for sex or a bj?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

No and I never would do that.

Have you ever given a sex coupon to your partner that let him/her do anything they wanted?


Ever give a blowjob to more than one boy the same day?

Ever suddenly ponder about something deep after sex?


Ever taste yourself after masturbating?


Have you ever had sex with someone at least 10 year older than you?

No but wouldnt mind to lol

would you be willing to have sex with someone Around 10 years younger than you?? lol

NO because they would be underage!

Have you ever seduced anyone?


Would you or have gone commando wearing a skirt??

Yes. Would you go braless?


Does the size of a guy penis matter to you?

Yes. Have ever been to a topless beach?


would you go to a nude beach?

Yes. Have you ever done a handjob?


do you masturbate the moment you wake up?

No. Do you get wet watching a guy hard?

Yes. Have you had a guy cum in a few seconds?


Can you squirt??

No :( Have you ever done anal sex?

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