yes or no?

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HHave you ever been fingered in a movie theater?


Have you ever had drunk sex?

No (Virgin)  Blowjob while drunk once

Have you ever seen someone you know having sex?

 have you ever had to do something sexual that you didnt want to do?

no. have you ever seen a member of your family naked.

Yes my sister. And caught my brother masturbating
YOu would try double penetration 

Yes! I do when I masturbate sometimes.

What's the max amount of orgasms you've had in one session?

(/virgin)   Masturbating 4 and was sore afterwards

Have yu ever had 2-3 or more guys taking tturns having sex with you


You've broken up with a guy or girl and really missed the sex...


Have you ever masturbated by humping your foot?

Hell yes.
Have you ever masturbatred at school

Yes in a restroom stahll

Have you ever flashed your boobies to a stranger?

No but I have to people I know.
Have you ever mooned sone?


Have you ever sent a nude on a tinder moment?

False, I don't have Tinder

Have you ever been to a sex shop?


Have you ever sent a friend inappropriate messages?

I have sexted with friends.
Have you ever texted someone a nude pic

Have you ever had cam sex?

Yes I have and been caught :/
You ever been caught while you were camming

Ever moaned really loud so some one would hear you?

Maybe, idk if they heard me though.

Ever pee in a pool?

Uh yeah. lol

Have you ever gone skiny dipping with someone you like?


Have you ever been to a nude beach?

No but i want to.
Ever have sex on a beach? Or oral/fingering

Ever masturbated or had sex in a dressing room?

Yes to both ;)Do you prefer to be barefoot when masturbating/having sex?


have you ever been caught by a family member while having sex


have you ever masturbated when you thought you werwe home alone...but you weren't?


have you ever been fingered in a pool


Have you ever had any kind of sexual experience in a moving vehicle?


You ever hooked up with a co-worker or friend that you never thought you wouldve?


have you ever mutulated masturbated or done somethhing sexualin the back of an suv with other folks in the front seat?


Have you ever masturbated naked in front of a mirror

Yes. Especially when doing it from behind.

Do you rub your nipples when you masturbate?

have you ever sent out nudes

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