omg his volume

Am I the only one turned on by a guys idk how to word it lol a guys amount I guess? Or just the fullness . like my bf and I have a ton of sex and each time he'd pull out and I swear this guy shoots like 4 peter north streams lol ex was like legendary he'd pop off like 8 and after he's done I always say haha Feel better now? But my guy I'm with now cum doesn't have any taste and I love swallowing his babies as he say lol but my ex's wasnt bad either kinda weird cause I thought it was gonna be gross. Has Any ones guy past or present cum tasted plain and not as bad as most claim

Hahaha, no. I seriously am beyond turned on when my boyfriend comes. It amazes me even when he doesn't think its that much, usually it is. Also as far as taste, I've experienced my ex's cum and that shit was disgusting. However my babes cum does have a taste sometimes but its not as bad as what people say cum tastes like. I will swallow any time he wants, no doubt. I wouldn't say its plain though. Not my guys cum at least. 

Lol oh god girl you are funnnny haha. Glad I'm not the only one though :) he's awesome really. I think over the weekend and not that I count or anything lmao but I could kinda feel it spurt? If that make sense not sure how he compares to your guy or any others but I think that time was around 4-5 gotta ask him lol ewww gross not like shit haha none of my guys tasted bad per we so what made your ex's so bad? Idk about swallow everytime lol so your new bf must taste infinitely better

My ex's cum seriously tasted like sh*t. I think it was things he ate, he had a pretty bad diet and the only healthy thing he ate was asparagus, so I mean that stuff smells gross to begin with to me at least. At one point his cum was green... Dx granted that was because he was cheating on me and caught an STD, he tried putting that in my mouth and I actually puked right there. It was beyond disgusting. I was hesitate to even give blow jobs ever again but I guess my man got lucky. 

Green!!! Wtf wow seriously gagged lol thanks h

Hahaha, you gagged? Hahha, imagine how I felt. Lol, it was because of some STD, thankfully I hadn't had sex with him in a few weeks so I didn't have that issue. 

That's seriously gross. Can't do STDs ugh.. I double gagged lol. But that's good for ya girl haha deff made a good choice getting rid of that. Is it me though or is it better when the sperm is thicker? Watery cum is bleh

Lol, I'm not really sure that his has ever been "Watery" lol :P

I am turned on by a guy's amount, too!  And from what I've seen, it can vary alot.  I've seen it just dribble out, and I've seen my boyfriend shoot 2 or 3 spurts like 6 or 8 inches straight up in the air.  4 huge streams?  My goodness, I could not imagine having that much cum in my mouth.  LOL

Wow 6-8 inches in the air? Seriously?

Was your ex a squirter?

Turns me on when he does but oh my gosh it's disgusting, like seriously vile. Sh*t burns like acid!

Acid omg was it in your eye lol

ive never been with a guy but i wish i coudl see that.  except why does it taste bad?

Probably what they eat

MelissaDeck, what's the most you've had a guy cum before? I love making my guy hold off for a few days and then really making him explode ;)

Did you message me.? I'm not on like that. Uhm difficult to remember honestly. Lol maybe a strong 5 streams recent I mean.

Am I the only one that keeps sucking after he finishes? I can't get him off so he always has to pretty much jerk it and I'll catch it per se

I love it when a guy comes alot, especially in my mouth.  It makes me feel like I really turned him on and took care of him

I think the biggest load my bf ever shot was the first time we did it without a condom. He had been out of town with his family for 4 days and the night he got home off we go to the lake house. It was like the fifth day of my period and I wanted it bare. No oral, no foreplay just a little lube and and he lasted less than 5 minutes. Not knowing any better I stood up and this hugh glob of cum hit the floor like about a 1/4 a cup. 

I have been with a couple of guys were pretty extreme with their volume. One would just keep cumming like 9 or 10 spurts, i never really got used to it. Another guy wouldn't have quite as much volume but would just explode and it would go everywhere. I would try to take them in my mouth but it was tough. I have a more "normal" guy now in terms of volume, but I'm not gonna lie, I love trying to make him last as long as possible so he gets a better orgasm and ends up cumming harder. Love seeing that :)

Go everywhere? Sounds like a shooter problem girl lol and sheesh 9-10? What kinda monster is he haha that's a ton

Is it weird that I am totally turned on?

oh my god i gotta go rub one off now

the more cum the better, lol


It's not strange for a guy to cum even 1-2 meters, you know that? It's all to do with how long you let him build up. Honestly, if a guy did something like watch porn for 30 minutes 3 or 4 times throughout the day, by the end of the day, he can shoot through the roof. Ok, not through the roof but easily 1 maybe 2 meters standing, lying back easily over his head! Hopefully not into his own mouth or eye although funny imagery. :)

I've gotta say my current tastes pretty bad but I don't mind swallowing too much because I know how much it turns him on and he loves it.

Obviously guys cant help it but its amazing how much some guys cum and how they cant help it and it just goes everywhere.  You know you turned him on when that happens.  And sometimes it doesnt clean up easy.

Yes it is


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