My boyfriend likes to cum in my mouth

hi girls,

i am dating this guy, he is a nice guy sweet nd caring, and we have an intimate share of our time. But since we are newly dating and sex is nt in our near calender, i try to keep him happy by oral. On my first bj i was expecting him to give some signal or warning bt instead he directly cums in my mouth, which i hated. When i talkd to him about this, he said he loves to cum in my mouth, and soon i shall get use to it. 

I dont want to loose him coz he is cute. Suggest me how to make dis sexier nd more fun loving

Your boyfriend is being an asshole.
Don't do anything you arent comfortable with.
Swallowing is one of those things guys see in porn and just assume all girls do it and in reality they do not. PlENTY of girls do not do it.
If your afraid he would leave you because you won't do this for him then let him go because he obviously only cares about getting you to do sexual things For him, don't you want someone who wants you for you and not the sexual things that you are willing to do?

Wow what a total dick !  I'd dump him and move on for treating you like that.

So, you probably don't want to hear this, but your boyfriend isn't nice, sweet and caring like you think he is. Most men really like to cum in a girls mouth and like for her to swallow, but A LOT of girls hate it, and any decent guy understands this. A good guy wants the experience to be enjoyable for you, too, and won't make you do it knowing you don't want to. I have a regular friend with benefits who absolutely loves to cum in my mouth, but the first time I gave him a blowjob he pulled out of my mouth when he was about to cum even though I told him he could cum in my mouth if he wanted. The second time I gave him a blowjob he asked me 4 or 5 times if I was sure I was OK with him cumming in my mouth before he actually did it, and after he came in my mouth he asked if I liked him doing that with genuine concern for my happiness. The next couple of times he did it he still asked if I wanted him to and asked me afterwards if I really did enjoy it. Now, I actually do like it, but he went out of his way to make sure it was OK with me and that I knew I didn't have to do it just to please him. And this is just a casual friend with benefits. Your boyfriend isn't even being that respectful of your wishes. Really? You shouldn't put up with that. Now, you could try talking to him again and explain how much you really hate it, but if he's still not considerate enough to accept that the leave him! If I were you I would have left him the first time for so casually dismissing your feelings as if they didn't matter at all. I honestly don't think he's worth your time. Good looks doesn't justify acting like a jerk. Trust me, there are much better hot guys out there.

LIke Artemis said, most, if not all guys, like to cum in a girl's mouth and have her swallow. Some guys will let you know that they're going to cum other don't. I have no problem if guy's don't, I mean, if they're enjoying themselves and cumming and forget to tell you, I wouldn't blame them. The thing is, if it's important to you to get a warning, then you've got to tell the guy early on. So the whole breaking up advice is a bit too much in my view.

Tell him that for now you would like to be warned. And it's kinda true, the more you do it, you realize that is not so bad at all. What did you hate about it? We could give you some better advice if we knew.

You are right girls, I think it should be fun both ways, i must talk to him about this. thanks :). Also, i hate the texture, taste and smell of it. But many girls love it . Can you girls tell me what do you feel or have in mind when a guy cums. 

I think its very hot for guys, if you girls are of same league as mine, what else do you prefer to make him happy ??

I agree with what everyone has said. He isn't respecting you if you tell him you don't like something and he basically tells you to "get used to it". If he's going to ignore your wishes during oral, what do you think he would do when you guys start having sex? Sex is for the enjoyment of both partners, not just him. I would reevaluate your relationship if I were you.

There are plenty of cute guys out there!

I am going to be a little contrary lol. It's kind of a habit I have on this board because I think a lot of things are easier to say here than to do in real life. Nobody hate me pls :)

I think the real issue everyone is reacting to is him telling you that you'll get used to it, which does sound bad but he might not have meant it that way. Did he like, smirk when he said it or did he say it nicely? I think everyone is imagining him being mean to you but, he MIGHT have simply been saying, factually, that it's something that a lot of girls handle ok so it might not be a big deal in the long run.

As for him actually doing it in your mouth, I think giving a warning might be difficult for for a guy, it's not a situation where they're doing a lot of high level thinking :) And anyway if he simply pulled out when it happened where would the semen go? It might not be a great situation either!!

Now if he demanded that you swallow I would have a different opinion but, anyway fwiw!

Stop giving him blowjobs if he doesn't respect your wishes. He could be a 10 looks wise but if he acts like a jerk and doesn't respect you, he's still a 2. You never have to do anything with a guy just because he says so. You're in charge of yourself. If you keep it up he's going to want sex or anal before you want it?

ShellyB from what I've read, guys can tell when they're about to cum and can hold back long enough to pull out and cum in his hand or on her boobs, that's why not all girls/women who give blowjobs end up,with semen in their mouth. I agree that he may have not meant it in a mean way but if she said flat out that she didn't like it, there shouldn't be any sort of talking her into it.?

Well it can end up in lots of places, in your mouth might be surprising or whatever, but, in your hair is super annoying, nose - super annoying eyes - super annoying, face in general - some girls like this some don't and on fabric can cause - "stains" isn't the right word but it changes the fabric if you don't Zout it right away or something like that. So it depends on the physical situation also. I think guys might have like 2 seconds where they could pull out but in the position you're probably in doing this particular thing 2 seconds might not be enough for him to do anything useful, since the girl is normally the one "on top" (not exactly on top but, the one who would have the easiest time moving). If you keep a towel nearby you can basically spit it out into the towel (if you don't want it to look like you're spitting you can hold it to your mouth and it'll just look like you're wiping your mouth).

Anyway just being contrary lol.

If he said "you'll get used to it" in an uncaring or mocking way then I agree with everybody else!

Wow, some people must have not realized that before this thread got bumped it was inactive for 25 months which is more than 2 years ago

Hi girls,

I am the thread owner, and I have already dumped this guy a year back. He was a jerk, mean guy who just wanted to get into my pants.

I am happy with my life now, with a loving boyfriend.

Thank you for your support :)

Oh wow I didn't realize someone responded to a 2 year old thread and it took off from there.

please don't reply to REALLY old threads?

Good for you Soniya?

Hahaha!!! I am guy! I have to say there's nothing more sensual "sometimes" than following through that way. That being said when I do this it's normally in the most passionate way and both me and my partner almost cum at the same time :-) I acutely like to blow in her mouth just before she's about to cum and trust me that makes her cum even harder. Sometimes I even tie her up in a kinda kinky role play way! If all your guy does is jerk off in your mouth then he's being disrespectful. It should be a joint thing. BTW I am fit, about to be 45, about to be dating a 36 year old and work in the music biz, blablabla... so I'm telling you this because I'm not just a total A-HOLE looser. Whatever you decide to do in bed (or wherever you fancy), it should be enjoyable for you too. There's too much shit in the world not to be able to enjoy something as free and natural as sex. Next time tell your BF to get well up in there and enjoy! Sorry that's just me being me!!! ;-)


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