True or false game, Want to play?

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True. We had sex.
Have you ever fingered a girl?


Have you 69 with another girl?

No but really want to.

Made a video of yourself masturbating


Have you ever tried a flavoured condom?


Do heterosexual handjob videos turn you on?

True for me (made a masturbation video).

Peeing turns you on?

No not really.?

you've masturbated in the car?

True, I got horny during an overnight road trip and had to relieve myself. It was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time, kinda like a haunted house. Lucky, I had some tissues to clean up with!
​Have you ever tried anal masturbation???

True. Awkward with fingers but I did like it.

You've fantasized about fingering a girl?

Sure have. Just last night actually.

Youve used ice cubes during masturbation

Ummm that Pefferode person is a guy. Guys don't need to be in this board?

There are plenty of guys here, most of them are pretending to be girls. I'd rather have the honest guys than the BSers?


as true as that is - I'd rather not have either!?


You've tasted yourself after you've orgasmed?


You have masturbated with a glass dildo?


Have you masturbated to pics or videos of female nudes?

Do you masturbate everyday?

Do you fantasize about a specific person when you masturbate?

Most of the time. Other times I just clear my mind and relax

youve used a hairbrush inside your vagina


You've taken photos/videos of you masturbating just to see what it's like


You have thought about a friend masturbating

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