True or false game, Want to play?

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When you have an orgasm, your eyes close and you can't open them? (kind of like during a sneeze)



If I have time and feel like it I do

have you ever let somebody else shave you or shaved someone else?

Have you ever shaved because someone asked you too?


You've felt dizzy after an intense orgasm before?

Haha, true
Have you ever had an orgasm for any reason at school or work?

School...well, a long time ago.? Middle school, I went to go take care of business in the bathroom a handful of times.

Have you ever masturbated in a church before?

have you ever masturbated at night during a family camp out?

False but I did one time when we were staying in the same motel room and everyone else was asleep lol

Have you ever done it somewhere outside your room?

Yes - With a girl camping in a tent

you let another girl watch you masturbate?

Yes - With a girl camping in a tent

you let another girl watch you masturbate?


Would you let a boy watch you masturbate?

Would you ever watch two attractive people have sex if they let you?

Depends. Probably on the situation.
Would you let a really good friend you trust watch you and your boyfriend?

True, my own!

Have you ever got turned on and wet when you shouldn't like at school or work?

True. Once at school
Have you ever sucked after school your bf in a dressing room store? (Walmart?


Have you ever masturbated in front of a mirror and imagined it was someone else watching you like this?

True, I've done it a few times

Have you ever used your electric toothbrush? to tease your clitoris ?

False. i don't have an?electric toothbrush
Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about your teacher ? (mine is so sexy..;))


Have you ever heard someone having sex in the next room and got yourself listinig?

True. Do you like hickeys?

Do you think it would be hot to have sex with someone you were once enemies with?


Have you ever watched taboo porn?

have you ever had sex at school?

Never done more than mbate at school
Have you had sex this week?

False :(
Have you caught anyone masturbating?

False (ish).
Would it turn you on to be caught masturbating?


Would you mind to be caught?


Would you rather touch someone else than be touched by them?

No :P
Do you prefer to receive oral?

I have never done sexual things like that with anyone yet, but if I can imagine I will probably prefer normal sex.
If you accidentally see someone naked, masturbating or having sex, and he/she doesn't know you're there, will you continue looking?

True. I had caught a couple having sex in a garage before and i cant help but keep on looking, afterall, you dont have this kind of encounter very often.
The guy was completely naked and he was pumping this girl from behind, she only had her tank top on. Eventually i pulled down my jeans and started to pleasure myself while hiding behind a column, listening to their moaning and heavy breathing, together with the summer heat just me so horny.

Have you performed oral sex on another girl before?

No but I want to so so badly. Any volunteers? Lol?

youve masturbated outside completely naked


Do you have masturbated today?

True. A few hours ago.

youve gotten turned on by your best female friend

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