True or false game, Want to play?

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Oh sorry for being assaulted :( Some things boyfriends suggested sounded weird at first moment... but not as weird as that I wouldnt do it. Never been ask gross stuff like drinking pee (happened to a friend of mine).
You ever had a 4some with another girl and 2 guys?


You enjoy being teased until you are ready to explode


would you have a one night stand with someone you just met?

Have you ever cheated?


Would you masturbate in a pool full of people?

True if i could be discrete about it.

would you flash someone in public?

realllllly quickly lol, if there's not a ton of people looking

You've had an orgasm in your sleep before?

True, I guess... I think yes haha

Do you prefer sex over masturbation?

True, I do.

Do you think its too easy or too hard for you to have an orgasm?? Or just right?

Just right but I haven't had sex yet so idk.

have you ever accidentally had an orgasm? (Riding a bike, wearing certain clothes, etc)

True, it rarely happens, basically never but it has happened at least once as far as I can remember

For oral sex, do you prefer to give or receive?

RECEIVE hehehh, but giving is fun too.

You've thought before about what it would be like if you could perform oral on yourself?

yeah all the time

do you prefer anal sex?

False.? Never done it, not really that interested in it.

The back of your neck is one of your errogenous zones?

Yes bite me there and ill be really turned on.
You ever kissed a girl with a tongue piercing?

Has anyone walked on you masturbating?

ever gotten an complaint from your neighbour about being loud?

True (not really the neighbor)
ever had an accidental exposure at a crowdy place?

Not accidental, rather intended ;)
Ever gave a bj outdoors?

True (in the woods)
Have you ever had sex outdoors?

True. Beach, motorhood...
Ever did stuff with someone whose name you didnt know?

Ever had threesome?

Oh yes. Its my fav!
Ever had a 4some?

False, but its on my must to do list, so i hope one day
Ever been on a nudistic beach?

True but dont really like it. Being nude at some normal beach is more fun :)
Ever went to school with mini skirt and no underwear?

Ever sent naughty pictures on internet?

Ever walk nude at home?

Yeah, sometimes.

Have you ever injured yourself while having sex?


ever masturbated or had sex outside?


Ever took a video of you having sex or masturbating?

True (masturbating)
Ever skinidip ?


You've masturbated more than once today

You've thought before about what it would be like if you could perform oral on yourself?

Oh, yes - that's the holy grail, right there. I'd never leave the house!

You've masturbated more than once today

False - at work today - no time for play. Yet.

You've tribbed with another girl?

Have you ever had bj or sex during other people are in the same room?

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