True or false game, Want to play?

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you've cried after an orgasm before

Kinda true, I haven't actually cried but teared

Have you ever laughed like HAHAHA while having an orgasm?

while actually HAVING an orgasm?? I think that might be kind of hard.? But I have laughed out loud like the during sex.

You've read magazines like Redbook/Cosmo/etc to get tips/advice on sex/and or self pleasure.

Yes indeed. Some work, others haven't lol

You're naked as you read this?

False, in bed clothes

Do you rub your butthole every time you masturbate?

Right, mostly. Anal turns me on... im sooo sensitive there!
Did you have sex with some guy within the last 24 hours?

Yes with my boyfriend.

Have you had an orgasm in the past hour?

Have you had sex with more than one person in the last seven days?

Not even with one.
Do you plan on having sex in the next 24 hours?

You bet im gonna have sex within the next 24 hours!
You ever had anal sex?

have you ever used a strapon dilldo on another girl.

Yes. Dont have one myself but been with a girl who had one. Fun :)
You had more sex partners than most of your friends?

have you ever done a gang bang?

Most I've had so far was 4 guys on me at same time. Wouldnt call that a gang bang... but Id love to try a bigger group :)
Did you ever take part in a Blowjob Contest?

have you ever been in a boob size contest?

Yes sure. But i didnt win. My best friends has natural D. Hard to beat ;)
Have you ever had sex with someone twice your age?

false... but in fantasies yes lol
have u ever get double penetration?


Do you usually lick your fingers after you have masturbated?

Yes and I love the taste of my own pussy :)
Have you ever made yourself cum more than 10 times a day?

Nope but close. I think my max is 8 but I kinda forget.?

Another girl has touched your anus?

Sure. Not only touched but also fingered :)
You play with yourself when you wake up at night?

Not all the time, but it has happened.

You've had a craving for a specific food in the middle of sex.

Craving for food in the middle of sex? Nooo way. When I have sex, i want sex. Nothing else. Maybe a cig but thats it.
You ever made yourself cum in school?

Not myself, haha.
Have you made a guy cum at school?

yes once, in toilet school... he is cum in my mouth by oral sex. lol
have u fingering in public place?

Yes, lots. Movie theatre, bus, train... wearing mini skirt withiut anything underneath makes things easy.
Have you ever had sex for money?

No, but might if the amount was enough. :)

Would you have sex for money even if the guy was fat, old, and gross?

Depends on the amount :)
You ever go to school or work without underwear?

Sometimes, though never at work. Sometimes at school and also when I'm going out. It does make me feel very sexy.

Ever jerked a boy off with your feet?

Yes, once. Its een a bit awkward but the guy wanted it. Didnt know before that theres a thing like feet fetish.
Ever sucked a guy in the car?

Yes, several times.

Ever had a boy ask you to bite his dick while giving him head?

Hehe yess. IFrom my experience guys love it to feel teeth while they get sucked... carefully of course.
You ever need to gag when sucking?

Yes, but... it was because I was being forced, so... :(

Ever had a guy ask you to do something sexual that you wouldn't do?

Yes there was some stuff I maybe wouldnt have done on my own - needed some nudging. But never been really forced into gross stuff.
You ever cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend?

What I meant was I was being sexually assaulted as a kid.

In my question I meant had a boyfriend or date ever said he wanted you to do something to him, or him to you that you found too weird?

No, have never cheated, would never.

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