True or false game, Want to play?

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Nods.? Yup.? A no baggage encounter, he loves her

have you ever tribbled?

Not yet.
Can you deep throat?

Yes but gag often.? Discovered it needs a certain angle.
Do you mind the taste of cum?



Love the taste of cum! Guys and girls!

Have you masturbated in the past 24 hours?

Just finished
Have you gotten laid in the past 72 hours?

Have you ever changed your mind about having sex with a guy after you saw his dick?

Yes but the dumb look on his face was part nof it?

Ever wear a pantyliner after sex not to soil your panties?

have you ever worn a pantie liner on a date just to make sure your excitement didn't show though your paints.?


have you ever bennfingered in a movie theater?

have you ever given a BJ in a movie theater?

ever given head to a guy on a swing in a public park?

Not in a public park but I blew a guy while he sat on a swing in his backyard.
Have you ever hooked up with two guys in one night?

True and more
have you ever dry humped a friends boyfriend?

Have you ever slept with a guy right after he broke up with your friend?

Ever hooked up with another girl ?

have you ever hooked up with a friend and their lover?

Yep! My roomate and her boyfriend had a few threesomes

Have you had your toes sucked?

Have you ever hooked up with a guy and his brother? (not necessarily at the same time lol)



have you ever lied about sleeping with your friends ex?

Have you ever been too embarassed about sleeping with a guy to tell your bff that you did it?


Ever fantasize about something then feel guilty afterwards?

yes aaaaaall the time.

have you ever masturbated with other people in the room but they didn't know you were doing it?

Have you ever had sex with a cousin?

Have you ever fantasized about a family member?

Are u ever double penetration?

Ever used a friends sex toy?

ever shave a friends pubic hair?


Ever suck a female friend's nipples?

true but just a moment
ever wear mini skirt without panties in public?

False, I don't even like skirts but I love my panties

Have you ever missed an appointment to stay home masturbating?

Have you ever brought yourself to orgasm while giving a blowjob?

Yes several times.
Ever give a guy a bj and spit his load in your hand and rub it all over your bottom?

Um no.?
Ever spank your own butt while masturbatin



Ever rub your clit during sex?

yes, many times
ever asked guy to cum in your butthole??

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