True or false game, Want to play?

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Yes (Legs and underarm)

Would get you pubic hair removed by LASER ??

Yes maybe laser would be cool to try

Ever fantasize about a 3-some?

Yes but it would have to be with another woman not two men

would you have sex with another couple in the same room?

true- would be so hott to watch and be watched

you have played strip poker

yes?when i've been drinking
ever played sexual twister ?

FALSE ( But planning on trying nude twister but not sexual)

Have you Nipple and/or Cilt Hood piercings ??


ever partially shaved your pubic area to leave a unusual shape/pattern?

NO Jess

Have you??

Ha ha - yes (blush)

ever put a clothes peg on your nipple?

What shape Jess?

NO (just pinch a little)

Have you put a clothes peg on your nipple??

Hihi yes I have and I love it

Have you ever putted a clothes peg on your downparts

Nope nope nope. Ouchie!?

Have you ever ever used anything besides your hand to spank your own butt?

yes a hairbrush

Habe you ever used something else than a sex toy to penetrate yourself

Yes, a hairbrush haha
have you ever masturbated in a car?

Yep, with my parents in the front.?

Do you think anyone has ever heard you moaning when masturbating?

Probably yes, I moan sometimes really loud

Have you ever used an object that belonged to a relative of you for masturbation?

Other than a pillow that was in our living room, I don't think so.?

You've masturbated with a toy while taking a bath?

If you consider a showerhead as toy, yes I've done that

You've masturbated more than 5 times in a day


Have you ever used a electric massager to masturbate??


have you masturbated for over 2 straight hours?

False. Maybe 45 minutes?

you've queefed(vaginal fart) while masturbating?

true: ?got really wet and was a bit exhuberant haha

you have put panties back on without cleaning up just to feel the naughty wetness


gone more than 2 days with the same panties?

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