True or false game, Want to play?

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Yes (Legs and underarm)

Would get you pubic hair removed by LASER ??

Yes maybe laser would be cool to try

Ever fantasize about a 3-some?

Yes but it would have to be with another woman not two men

would you have sex with another couple in the same room?

true- would be so hott to watch and be watched

you have played strip poker

yes?when i've been drinking
ever played sexual twister ?

FALSE ( But planning on trying nude twister but not sexual)

Have you Nipple and/or Cilt Hood piercings ??


ever partially shaved your pubic area to leave a unusual shape/pattern?

NO Jess

Have you??

Ha ha - yes (blush)

ever put a clothes peg on your nipple?

What shape Jess?

NO (just pinch a little)

Have you put a clothes peg on your nipple??

Hihi yes I have and I love it

Have you ever putted a clothes peg on your downparts

Nope nope nope. Ouchie!?

Have you ever ever used anything besides your hand to spank your own butt?

yes a hairbrush

Habe you ever used something else than a sex toy to penetrate yourself

Yes, a hairbrush haha
have you ever masturbated in a car?

Yep, with my parents in the front.?

Do you think anyone has ever heard you moaning when masturbating?

Probably yes, I moan sometimes really loud

Have you ever used an object that belonged to a relative of you for masturbation?

Other than a pillow that was in our living room, I don't think so.?

You've masturbated with a toy while taking a bath?

If you consider a showerhead as toy, yes I've done that

You've masturbated more than 5 times in a day


Have you ever used a electric massager to masturbate??


have you masturbated for over 2 straight hours?

False. Maybe 45 minutes?

you've queefed(vaginal fart) while masturbating?

true: ?got really wet and was a bit exhuberant haha

you have put panties back on without cleaning up just to feel the naughty wetness


gone more than 2 days with the same panties?

Have you ever kissed (or gone further) with 5 or more people in one night?


ever had a wet dream about an older woman?

YES ?(A 26yo)
Ever woke up having a play or masturbating?

True( Sometimes I wake up with my hand in my panties)
Have you ever eaten out an older girl?

False. Never eaten out any girl

ever try to stuff your panties inside yourself??

Have you ever used a dildo?

False: But it is on my bucket list
Have you ever used a dildo on another girl?


​Ever used a toy anally?

Fales but I would like to sometimes.

Ever watch porn with another girl?

Have you ever got wet talking with another girl?


Have you been busted for being too loud (masturbating, oral, sex, and etc)?


Can you handle more than 3 fingers when finegring yourself?

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