True or false game, Want to play?

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Yes (but not in a sexual way)

Would you Skinny Dip in front of your parents??

No unless it was at a nude beach or something lol

would you skinny dip with siblings?

If we were the same sex maybe, but I have a half brother so no. Lol?

youd watch or have watched a sibling masturbate and enjoyed it

no i have an older brother and i wouldnt like to see that although i enjoy watching others masturbate and masturbating in front of them.
have you ever caught your siblings watching porn

No siblings?
have you ever spent a full day naked?

YES As many as possible

Have you spent the whole day naked??

Yes ;) still haven't put clothes on today;)
have you ever used food items to play with?


ever masturbated thinking about a sibling?

What did you use?
no siblings?
have you ever flashed a friend?

no, I haven't.

Have you ever been caught doing something personnal (like masturbation, or something else embarassing?

Yea - was caught by my mum masturbating

you have stayed in a hotel and heard people having sex in the next room?


Do yu think Family naturism is ok ??


ever pee in a swimming pool?

True. Ever wanted to go nude in public?

IT would depend on the context.

Would you get body painted??

Yes, I would do that

Would you like to get your nipples pierced

No!! Not my thing.

Would you tell your parents what you masturbate to?

No would you get a piercing on your vagina?

No, but nipples mabey. have you had any boyfriend with many tatoos?

false ?no bf's ever had tattoos yet

t/f ?you have your belly button pierced?

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Ever considered piercing your nipple?

False. Would you get a Brazilian wax?

would you grow out all your hair for 3 months?


You were happy when you got your first pubic hairs?

Not really haha
You didn't know what it was the first time you orgasmed?

I knew, still wasn't what Imwas expecting...not sure you can have any idea until you have one.

You remember the first time you noticed your breasts were growing?

Remember where you were when your period started?

Yes. ?At home, thank God.

Do you masturbate during your period?

Yes, I would go insane otherwise?
do you go commando in yoga pants?

Don't really wear yoga pants.

Ever tried to make your breasts/cleavage bigger than they are.

Mine are big enough now, but I did in the past
have you ever been commando at school?


Are your breasts still growing?


Do you always werar a bra when out of the house ?? ?And also in the house??

Have you ever waxed?

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