True or false game, Want to play?

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True. Have you ever spent an entire day naked?

Have you ever had cum in your eyes?

False. Have you let a guy cum in you?

Have you ever looked at the cum in a condom after sex when you were on your own?

False. Have you ever been commando at school?

True. Gone commando in a skirt?

True. Masturbated in class?

True. Only rubbed a bit. Have you orgasmed in class? Did someone notice?

No, No

Have you orgasmed in school toilets??


Yes. Could you go a week without masturbating?

No. Have you ever stuffed yourself with your panties?

ever needed to borrow panties off a friend


removed your panties part way through a school day and left them off?

False, but ive gone to school without them.

ever had sex with a girl?

False, but I want to
have you ever masturbated to the thought of your friends?


ever been checking out a female friend and have them catch you looking?

Have you ever hooked up with a girl?


Ever had sex in a car?

No, or sex anywhere for that matter lol?

you've humped the arm of a chair or couch


have you masturbated at a friends house?


ever masturbated with a friend

ever masturbated in the back of a car while being driven by your parents

no but ive thought about it.

ever masturbated in the same room as your parents? Did they notice?

Yes I've done that, but they never noticed it

ever masturbated at school/in class and did someone notice it ?

Yes ive done it in class and other people could see. Didnt orgasm

ever had wetness show through your clothes? Did someone notice?


Do you ever get camel toe in your swimsuit??

Yeah happens a lot

had your period while swimming?


ever noticed your swimsuit was too small?


ever had your swimsuit come undone?


ever been made to change your swimsuit?

not sure what you mean?

that it revealed too much

no i wear a bikini and my parents are ok with it

ever gone skinny dipping?

YES ?(I have done every summer with friends)

Would You Go Skinny Dipping with Girls and Boys??


do you look when you do?

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