True or false game, Want to play?

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No - girls in my football team see me in the showers/changing every week

ever been naked on a public beach?

Yes ?A naturist beach.

Would you go nude on a naturist beach?


have you ever had a threesome?

Possibly, with three girls?

have or would you have someone lick your anus??


Do you remove your pubic hair completely ??

False, I trim it?

youve masturbated in a pool?


You've masturbated in a jacuzzi?


You have masturbated in a public restroom?


Have you been naked in a jacuzzi with others?

you ever traded topless pics with another girl?


Ever traded down-there pics with another girl?

False. Never know who is on the other side...
When you cum, you rub your clit as fast as it possible?

TRUE (but not to I gets sore)

Does your clit poke of the hood?

True (when I'm really turned on)?
Have you ever worn no panties and deliberately flashed yourself to tease someone who wasn't your partner??

Ehhhhhh true
have you ever squeezed your boobs at a stranger?


you've had a female friend (just a friend) touch your vagina through your clothes?


Have you ever touched a female friends (just a friend) vagina on the skin it's self?


Have you ever let a guy get a close up look at his sperm oozing out of you?

True (more than one partner I've had has been into that)

Have you ever left your partners cum on you so it could keep reminding you of the fun you had?


Have you ever had a boy clean up his own mess on your vagina with his mouth?

True bf does that sometimes and then comes up and kisses me in the mouth.

Have you ever had a guy clean you bottom with a warm washcloth after having sex with you?


Has a boyfriend ever seen you pee?

Have you watched your boyfriend peeing?

yes, haha fun to aim it for him

you have watched someone on webcam.


yes i have

you haveever used icecubes during sex

yes i have

have you ever been blindfolded during sex

No, but I hope to :)
Ever choked yourself while masturbating?

@lori99 ?!!
"Choked myself while masturbating" ?I Cant Comput??


ever masturbated in the pool? Or with a jacuzzi jet?

have you ever sexted with anyone online?


have you ever filmed yourself masturbating?

Have you ever taken a nude?

False. Ever masturbated in school?

Have you ever fucked your ass?

True. Have you tried fisting?

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