True or false game, Want to play?

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Nobody seems to know...

Ever caught someone watching porn?

Actually I've almost been caught. I had it up and my dad saw it and asked what it was. I just oh that's nothing and he gave me a strange look. Oops

youve tried recreating something you saw in porn or made your own??

Have you ever put a finger in your anus ??

Yes, I really like it?

you've spanked yourself for pleasure


Do you masturbate on your period?

Yeah but only rub or hump my mattress

You dance naked in your bedroom? Haha (I'm running out of questions clearly)?

Haha no.

You've ever flashed your breasts on a dare?


you've mooned someone from a vehicle


Have you given your phone number from a vehicle?


You' e ever spread your vagina to give someone a good look?

have you ever got drunk and woken up with someone you dont even remember


Ever shoved an edible object inside you?

No, I don't play with food?

have you ever came harder than you usually do in a new position? ?

Did you masturbate reading posts here in the past 24 hours?


Are you masturbating right now?

No but I did a couple hours ago in the shower.?

Have you ever spread your butt to give someone a look??


Can you do the splits?

Not a full split but close.?

Have you tried masturbating in a yoga posture??

Im not sure what all the yoga positions are, but I've put my legs back so my feet were over my head once and did it that way if that counts.

have you ever rushed to your room randomly, stripped and masturbated while standing up??


True. Although I was half way done after masturbating to something hot on the tv in the living room. Wanted privacy to finish haha.

You have a need to orgasm everyday?

Oh yes very True (usually more than once a day)

Do you usually masturbate naked?



Do you taste your cum during and after masturbation?

YES (sometimes)

Do either of your parents really know you masturbate??


Never been caugth but I think they know, because it is normal thing.

Ever masturbated to a specific girl here on gurl?


Ever masturbated at school?


Ever masturbated outdoors?

In a tent whilst camping outdoors?
Ever filmed yourself masturbating so u could watch it later

No (But used a mirror)

Would you teach a Girl how to masturbate right (like instead of just her having a play!!!)

If we were really close I would?

have you ever sucked/licked another girl's nipples??

Yes 2 both

Can you squirt? ?[ I can't :( ?]

@SammyB_16 ?Good to hear you would help a friend in need. ?I have done it.

I haven't mastered squirting yet but I do get very wet. ?Oh and I'd definitely willingg to help someone, it's good to hear that you did too. I'd like to hear more about it sometime.

Have you ever soaped up another girl n the shower?i?


Ever shared a bubble bath with another girl?


Has a parent seen you in a bath / shower since puberty? ?(who)

My moms seen me in the shower and while changing since puberty.?

​Has your mom touched your private parts since puberty??


Do you mind if you are see nude in locker room / showers ?

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