True or false game, Want to play?

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no i prefer using my dildo
does watching another girl masturbate turn you on

yes a lot

have you ever had sex a lot and it made you sore?


Yes, fun to do but not so much fun after.

Ever had a time right after an intense orgasm, a slightest touch on your vagina or your breast would made you spasm?

Yes many times.
Ever rubbed youself off pushing his semen out??

Yes, as I was cleaning it got me all started again.?

Ever being on top as you orgasm but your legs were too weak to stand up, ended up with him cumming inside unintentionally??

True to the orgasm on top part, but not the cumming inside part.

Are you ok with your guy cumming inside you if you're on the pill?

You've risked it and gone bareback when you maybe should'nt have?


You got pregnant when you risked it and gone bareback??

you prefer anal to cumming in your pussy


You'll usually say ok to a guy asking if he can cum on you?

yes. love cum.
you ever had guys lining up for blowjob?

Um not literally lol

You love the feeling of your partner rubbing his or her toes up and down your bare feet


You sometimes think you masturbate too much?


you like sexual spankings?


You like to spank others ?

You like to spank others ?

It's "true."

You have - or would like - to secretly spy on someone mastrubating or having sex?


You have or would like to peep and masturbate along with the person masturbating or having sex??

Someone's watched you having sex?

FALSE ?(but I have masturbating)

Do you think masturbating in the presence of a girl cousin is OK? ? (Not masturbating each other)?


You enjoy the thought of a friend masturbating?


Have you ever been caught masturbating by your Mum or Dad and they seen everything? (who was It)?


Ever taken a communal shower?

Yes, it was a high school camp.

Ever masturbated with a guy and a girl together? Not touching one another.



false have you ever dated someone you met online?

yes, but only if I am really into him.?

Do you like foreplay to last a while, or do you just want to get to the action.?

Generally true for get straght into it.
You've hidden something in your vagina?


You ever gotten so wet it ran down your Legs?

False. l've soaked a few pairs of panties though.
You've woken up wet after a dream?


You remember the first time you got wet?

Have u ever squirted during sex?

?Have you ever had threesome?

have you ever dated a transgeder?


Ever laughed when you saw your partner's penis?

Not out loud...maybe in my head a few times lol

You like having your toes sucked before or during sex

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