True or false game, Want to play?

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No but i have?been filmed but someone else who was watching us.?but ?i wore a mask i?dont want my face on any sites in the future.
Ever been with more than one guy/girl at once?

Yeah sure. I love threesomes... and have had a few foursomes. Dreaming of more... ;)
Have you ever cheated?

no never cheated
have you ever been with a girl while your boyfriend watched you?


Not my current boyfriend but past boyfriends yes many times.

Ever licked a guy's cum off of another girls tits?

Mmmh yeah... its one of my fav places to lick cum from.
Ever licked guy's cum out of another girls pussy?


Yes! ;) I miss that! It's been so long since I've had a threesome :(

Do you prefer to be barefoot when you masturbate or have sex?

I dont care if im barefoot or not, depends on the situation. But an ex boyfriend loved me wearing heels when we had sex, was a huge turn on for him... so why not doing it? ;-)
What your fav sort of threesome? MMF? FFM? FFF?



Have you ever squirted?

No. Ive seen it once on another girl in real life (and often in porn of course). But I never squirted myself.
Would you share your bf with another girl?


I have shared different boyfriends but my last boyfriend and current boyfriend just weren't into that (although current may consider it)

Are you naked right now?

Yes. Im in bed... always naked in bed. Dont see why people wear anything for sleeping.
Do you dress for sleep?


Fuck no! Being naked is always best!

If a guy or girl wanted to suck your toes, would you let them?

Yes sure, why not. My toes are clean and cute ;)
You wear toe rings too in summer with flipflops or barefoot?


I do have a toe ring, yes.?

You've had a craving for the taste of your partner's cum?

Mmmh yes, I need cum as much as I need smokes ;) Really addicted!
You ever go to the beach nude or topless?


Yes! Used to go to a nudist resort evey year with my mom! Haven't for a few years though, money and scheduling has been rough.

You like feeling a guy cum inside you?

I love this moment when a guy shoots his hot cum into me... and dripping of cum is also hot!
Nudist resort... you just tan there or also had sex fun with other guests?


Ohh I had plenty of sex fun with other guests ;)

You have tribbed with another girl?

Oh yes, my bff and I are very much into tribbing. Its such a turn on!
Whats the youngest and the oldest you ever had sex with?

youngest 15.. Oldest 27

True or False. Have you ever played this game in real life and got crazy?

False, but it could definitely be fun.

You have slept with someone two years or more younger Han you?

Sorry, you can skip this, I just wanted to say this thread is getting so effin hot 🔥

You've a friend's dad giving you more than a passing glance?

True. Not only one :)
You ever had sex with a guy which name you didnt know?

I didn't know a few guys last names lol

You're wet right now


Ever shared a guy's penis during a bj? So you were both sucking or licking at the same time?

ever invited anyone else to watch you getting laid


False. ?Ever slept with two guys in the same day.


Ever slept with two girls on the same day?


Ever masturbated with a female friend?


Ever had a threeway with a boyfriend and best friend?


Ever compared your boobs with a friend's?


has a female friend ever showed you how she keeps her pubic hair??


Have you ever trimmed or shaved your pubic hair in front of anyone else?



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