True or false game, Want to play?

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False, I like mine actually.

Would you swap out a sexual body part for someone else's?


Ever gotten sperm in your pubic hair?

True lol

Do you like having your toes sucked?

ever been caught by someone while you were having sex


Ever flashed your boobs in public?

You're parents know you've flashed someone?


if you could you would walk around topless in public?

False, though it would depend where l was.
lf you were on a beach where the majority of women are topless, you'd take your top off?

False, I think, although I wish I was self-assured enough to say true, if that makes sense.

You feel self-conscious baring your midriff?

You're ok wearing really cheeky bikinis?

False....working on being less body conscious.

You are comfortable with people seeing your butt?

​You've "fooled around" in the last month

False, unless you count my hand.

You prefer "hard" intercourse?

You've asked a guy not to be so rough?


Hou've ever had a guy go soft inside you?

Yoiu've had guy tell you he has'nt cummed but you know he has?

False, but definitely the opposite.

you like looking at your partner's orgasm face?

True, though it's hilarious to look at sometimes.
You're not really turned on and you've just been waiting for him to finish?


You've blown a guy because you weren't in the mood and you wanted to finish him off.

You've made a guy lick you out before you'll give him a blowjob?


A guy has ever given you oral after blowing his stack in you?

youve snowballed with a guy

False, I swallow first.

your guy will still kiss you after swallowing him?

Never tried.

You like it when he ejaculates on your butt?


where is your favorite place for him to cum?

That wasn't a true/false question, whoops.

You prefer to see him cum on your stomach/boobs that your ass/back?

True. l like to see what l've coaxed out of him.
You've run your fingers through his cum and played with it on your stomach or boobs?


Sperm was different than you expected the first time you came in contact with it?

True. l had no idea how slippery it would feel.
You'd agree it feels pretty icky once it's cooled off?

True, there's a moment after a few seconds where it's just sort of gross and everything is awkward.

You've ever been with a guy who couldn't find your clit?

True, he thought you rubbed it like you're trying to get a mark of your jeans too!
You orgasmed the first time you let a guy finger you?


You've been with a guy that gave no warning he was about to orgasm?

Not at first. He used to tell me, but after 3 years, he doesn't have to tell me. Though I miss when he did. it was really cute.

You hate when a guy has his hand on the back of your head and pushes while you're giving him oral?

I can hate that... it depends on how hard and what he is trying to do.

You've ever had someone quit performing oral before you were ready for them to stop?


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