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okay, so does anyone know of a cream i could use for like my stomach and back, other than nair? nair smells super bad, i want something that doesnt. haha. the name is annika. [ann-ick-uh] im fifteen years young. i race cars and i bowl. i can finally say i love my life. im taken. "official" as of 4/23/08 i love him. he is amazing. you dont know anything about us, or how long we have been together.dont tell us how we feel about each other.[add me] i hug you and i almost feel like thats where i belong. and honestly, thats the only place where i want to be.
veet. its soo much better, i use it and it works very well, unlike nair.

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ew i agree. i used to use Nair a reallylong time ago and it would make that whole endof the house smell like it. grossss.although they make an unscented one now.. its lesssmelly. but still not too great.but definately veet is good =]Mizzseventeentaken sinceOctober 19th, 2007You know what I'm going to say before my mouth even makes a sound.And that's why we make a good [you and me].I know from the sound of your breathing exactly what you are feeling.This is why we make a good [you and me].
I use Surgi for my face, because I'm allergic to Veet and Nair.  Each time I've used them, I've had crazy reactions- horrible rashes (so bad that I couldn't move my legs), and bleeding.  So I figured I should try a sensitive version of a different brand.  I haven't used any of their stuff anywhere other than my face, but I know they have stuff.  If it works like their face stuff it should work well.I'm Rhiannon.I'm seventeen and a junior.I am also deeply and pathetically in love with the Red Sox. You're the reason why 5.31.07I burst and why I bloom.RIP DMD.7.30.91 - 1.25.06



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