NaUgHtY Little Sex Survey!!

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Oh my gosh! I got on 2 days later and 82 people responded to this! LOL! Sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone right now, but I'm verrrry interested to hear more from some of the crazy responses! Can you PM people here? I'm still new... Anyway, thanks to everyone so far!Nineteen. Single. In college. Still trying to figure out how to make this signature prettier :)

Mine is probably going to be boring since I've only ever been with one girl
*~Sex basics~*
How old are you? 20
How often do you have sex (typically)? Whenever I see my girlfriend
What age did you lose it? Around 14?
How many guys (and girls) have you had sex with? 1 girl
Are you currently in a relationship? Yep
What is the kinkiest thing you have done? I don't really know, we're still experimenting
What is the kinkiest thing you have been asked to do? Same as above
What is your kinkiest fantasy? Public sex
Ever had sex in a public place? No but i want to?
Ever had a threesome? No
Ever been with another girl? Yep
What is the kinkiest outfit you have worn? I haven't?
Ever been tied up? Sort of (With a scarf)
Ever tied anyone up? Same as above
Do you like to dress up in the bedroom? Not really
Often? No
What is the craziest place you have had sex? Downstairs on the carpet
Do you like to be spanked? I guess
Do you like dirty talk? I can get used to it
Ever take naked photos? Often
Do you like porn? Sometimes
How often do you watch porn? I used to watch it a lot more
Alone or with someone else? Alone
Ever watched someone have sex? I've heard my parents have sex multiple times?
Ever been watched having sex? SAdly not
Craziest sex ever? 69ing
Ever used toys during sex? If yes, what We used makeup brushes, and small deodarant cans
?Loud or quiet? Quiet?
Ever casually hooked up with someone (not in a relationship)? No
If yes, how many people, and how far did it go? N/A
How do you view one night stands:? I don't have an opinion on them
What's your most embarrassing sex moment? Having someone walk in like 2 minutes after oral sex
Ever been caught having sex? Describe.. Almost
Ever caught anyone else having sex? Describe.. I've heard my parents
*~Alone time~*?
How often do you masturbate? Pretty much every day
Do you always orgasm from masturbating? 99% of the time
?Use a toy? No
Have you ever masturbated with someone else? Describe.. Yep, my GF
Have you ever watched someone else masturbate? Describe.. My GF
Has someone ever watched you masturbate? Describe.. Same as above
Have you ever been caught masturbating? Describe.. Too many close calls
Ever caught anyone else masturbating? Describe.. I've heard my step dad
*~Oral Stuff~*
How many guys have you given a BJ to? None
How many girls have you eaten out? 1
How many guys have eaten you out? None
How many girls have eaten you out? 1
Which one do you like best? Girl?

This is from 10 years ago lol

Seriously people, stop bumping threads that are a decade old

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