So I don't like anything, is that weird?

So Im wondering if its weird that I dont really like anything sexual. Iv been fingered a bunch of times and I only enjoyed it once like at all. I refuse to get eaten out cause it grosses me out. Iv never had sex cause frankly I have no one I like enough to have sex with but just the thought of it seems terrible and like it would hurt rly bad. Iv never orgasmed like ever if your wondering. Is it weird I don't like anything or are some people jsut not sexual. 

no, i don't think it's weird. there is such a thing as being asexual (no sexual attraction towards anyone) but i'm don't think that's the case for you. you said u were ok with one part of it once, and mentioned that you had no one you liked enough for it. would it make a difference if you had that right person at the time if it didn't hurt? but if you really don't like or want any of it, that's ok. it definitely doesn't make you weird to know what you want or don't want :)

Thanks, I wonder if there is just a really big connection between me liking the person and enjoying stuff. The only time I liked getting fingered was with a long term bf. Do you think that has something to do with it?

that may have a lot to do with it. people think that with human sexuality, anyone can do anything, and it should feel good and you'll like it. what they don't realize is that a lot of it comes down to two things: your sexual attraction towards the person, and how comfortable you are (which is also related to the first one). so maybe you need to feel comfortable with the person to be able to relax and think about letting yourself feel if there's any of those other feelings there. there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. besides feeling comfortable with it, there's a big difference between letting someone do something to you, and giving it/allowing them to do something because you want to.

no i dont think thats weird at all. I dated a guy for a year and we did everything sex finger oral. none of it felt good it was almost awkward most of the time and i didnt even enjoy making out. i didnt understand the hype at all. well literally the other day i made out with this guy i am havin a fling with for the first time. it was amazing so intense and so much fun. we stopped and my heart was through the roof! i had never felt that before. and we just made out!!! haha I think it just depends on the feelings towards the person because if you are not attracted to them sexually its just like playing cards. youll feel it one day

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Some people are highly sexual, some people are completely asexual, and most people are somewhere in the massive in between.

You feel what you feel and there's nothing wrong with it! But it's important to remember that you shouldn't do anything you don't want to or won't enjoy just because the person you're with wants to. It's your body, you control it, and do what makes you happy with it :)

You really cant say you dont like anything, when all you've done is be fingered. Getting eaten out is not gross, I think you need to broaden your perspective a little.

Try masturbating to see what you like, if anything.



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