How much does your guy cum?

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I rubbed some with my fingers and put my tongue on it when he wasn't looking...I like how it feels on my fingers...

I guess I could answer my own questions!

What's the biggest load you've ever seen a guy shoot? Probably 13-14 spurts. I didn't count but there's no way it was less than 12

What's the smallest??One guy had literally a drop, but it was his 6th time that day. There was another guy who shot one spurt that went about an inch, and a few drops dribbled out, and I'm pretty sure he hadn't cum yet that day!

Did you make him cum 6 times?

No only 4, but he had masturbated twice that morning. He was pretty horny that day...

And I forgot about distance! I honestly have no idea how far I've seen it shoot. It's hit the wall behind the bed many times (3-4 feet?) but who knows for far it would've gone if the wall wasn't there.

I've seen my boyfriend spurt as far as the pillow he had his head on as he came.? I think it might have shot in his own eye if the direction had been different !

He can cum multiple time (yay!) and cums a ton lol probably 8 big squirts

8 spurts every time? Even multiple times in a row?? I always thought most guys shoot less if they don't have time to build it up

Mhm, about 8 times both times, I haven't tested him past 2 orgasms yet though. He shoots really far too

That's interesting!

Does he ever shoot more than that if it's been a while? It seems like some guys are extremely consistent, almost the same amount every time, and some guys shoot drastically different amounts.

My bf shoots about 4-6 nice creamy loads about 6-12" and dribbles cum in between his loads...both he and I love watching each other and having others watch him. He goes on snap sometimes and posts videos...yummy 😛

Id say my current usually cums like 6-8 shots the first time we messs around. If back to back Its more like 4 the second time. Definitely a little drop off. As for distance, I've had guys shoot past my head on many occasions. I think like 5 feet would be the furthest I've seen. I've been blessed to be with a few guys that were really good shooters lol. I love it ;)

You're not a girl, what are you doing posting on here?


good question. I decided to blow my guy and have him finish in my hand so I could watch the orgasm. 3 really good squirts, the first landed far up my arm..oops :) then 2 more strong one, then a few dribbles. I would say about a tablespoon, but he hadn't cum in 3 days.

I've never counted the spurts, but it's a lot. More than guys in porn usually. And he can shoot 3 feet sometimes

I feel like there's quite a few guys in porn that shoot 10-12 spurts or so...does your guy really cum more than that?

If so DAMN!

When i tease him a lot?when we are out. ?he shoots huge hot gooey loads in my mouth. ?When at the show or theater when the last act starts and the doors are closed, i keep whispering to him how much I want his cock in my mouth. ?He squirms until the show is over and can't wait to leave. ?Sometimes I blow him in the car, or tease him all the way home.

My b/f cums a lot. Usually because he enjoys my handjobs. If I take my shirt off I can feel him get harder, then just a few strokes and he's done. Most of his cum is on me but one time he hit the wall behind the

I've gotten to know his cues so well that I like to keep him on the edge for as long as I can. When I do that, he cums what seems to be every drop within him!
Basically, I'll be sucking on him rather quickly, then I'd feel him harden. This is when I stop, and I slide him out, just lightly teasing his head with a few kisses on the very tip.
He's always in my mouth when he cums though.

I feel him tense up and push his penis in a little deeper, then it's just hot spurts against the back of my throat over and over... lol I'd say he squirts 5-6 heavy wads, then his penis just lays on my tongue and dribbles the rest out...

lol I love how this thread is still around. It seems like this is a topic that we're all interested in, but no one ever talks about it except here.

btw the last guy I hooked up with had about 8 spurts, which isn't a crazy amount but it shot like 4 feet at least. It was sooo powerful and really hot to watch!

New on here and absoultely love the topic.? You are so right racytracynot no one ever talks about this.? But I did have a question for all of us ladies.? I have seen videos and even experienced the several spurts.? But there is a difference.? Some times they spurt a lot, but there isn't a lot of cum.? So it shoots far and has a bunch of drops but it is watery etc.? Has anyone ever had a large amount of THICK CUM?

You can get a lot of thick cum but only if he hasn't had an orgasm in a few days. That's pretty rare since most guys masturbate every day.

RedVelvetGirl is right. As long as my bf waits at least two days, his cum gets really thick. But I have to edge him. Usually he cums quickly after waiting that long, so it won't be as thick as you'd think. So you have to take your time with him, then you'll get the thick load you want.

That's interesting!

Edging is a very good way to increase load size and distance. I usually tease my b/f first, then edge the hell out of him. I once had a g/f join in at the last minute. He shot cum everywhere for about 20 seconds.?

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