What is fastest cum for guy you've had?

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A few nights ago was 4 ish mins. Middle of the night. It was really hot and I loved it since he has trouble finishing. Some of these stories are crazy to read!?
But yeah around the 4 min mark. It was my fault tho. He wanted to slow down and I wanted him to keep going ;).?

Well we both have not had the most experance. But that was the fastest we did together ;).?

When I was 16 I was with this boy who had never done anything more than kiss a girl. I was going to give him a bj and was pulling down his underwear. They got hung up on his boner and when I pulled his underwear down over it, the fabric rubbing against the end of his wiener must have been stimulating enough (and probably also the fact that he was about to have a girl suck his wiener for the first time) that he started squirting. :-D Seriously, his wiener was pointing straight out and twitching, and he was cumming and neither he or I were touching it. I couldn't help but laugh.
I told him it was no big deal and after half an hour or so of making out I gave him head after all.

I hope the second time he lasted longer! Yeah my bf has not done anything, so I am surprised that has not happened. But I also am not to good lol.?

@gamergirl117 HA! He lasted a little longer. I think it only took about 3 minutes of me sucking his wiener before he came. :)

I don't know if that's long or not for bj lol. I have not done any of that really. My bf and I both have not done anything with other people and I don't want to be bad lol.?

@gamergirl117 Oh, that's fine. :) Not like you need to hurry and do it. That's cool. I was exposed to such things at a young age (and not by choice) so I was more experienced at a younger age than most girls. Though when I was talking about the boy in my other post, that was totally by choice. He was nice.

I think it's great that you guys are taking it slow.

My first was his first and the first time my hand touched his penis it basically went off right then.

Haha taking it slow is his choice :p

also just touching and he went off? That's crazy! How old were you guys?

14 with that....funny in retrospect. ?There was some buildup, in fairness.

Did you try again after :p

Yeah, things got better. ?:P

@gamergirl117 That's fair of him if he wants to go slow. We always assume it's easier for boys, but why would it be?

Yeah I think society says how guys always want it etc. and that they get tired and lose interest after they finish. But that's not my experience at all haha.?

And how much build up lol.?

It was sort of exploratory. ?There was naked making out and masturbating preceding it.

@gamergirl117 Agreed. I think it's just as difficult for boys as it is for us. Society doesn't really let them behave any other way though. I mean, we girls have the double-standard that if you have sex with a bunch of different guys, you're a slut. But if a boy is a virgin or hasn't had many partners, he's considered a "pussy", or even gay. Neither are fair. People should just STFU and worry about their own business. :)

my ex took just 1 or 2 mints to cum

My ex bf only lasted 10 seconds or so when we first started doing it. I used to think it was really bad, but reading this I think they kinda can't help it when they're first doing it!

I think if it's been a while or new it's not something that can be helped. Other then that it can just happen. My bf and I had sex like 10 times this weekend. He finished fast the last time. Most time he does not. Usually it takes him a while.?


Now your boyfriend is constrained by long?

With my ex, the first time we had sex he cummed even before his dick went in...couldn't have been more than 3seconds! haha

A vrgin boy having his first time 3 thrusts if that. ?I believe he started ejaculating as he entered.
If I had put on condom on him he would have cum in it the way the precum was dripping already

Less than a minute but he was pretty worked up lol. He had been playing with me and getting me ready so when I took his pants off he was cumming as soon as my mouth got on him. He was still hard though so he was able to go for a while before cumming again

I think this is hard, because the first time people can expect a lot. And than if he cums quick people think he must be bad. But like anything people ca. Have off days. Sometimes I just can't finish no matter what. Sometimes I think they can have off days etc.?

I use jacky wukio method on facebook and it help me to last longer during sex more than one hour.

My first was his first and the first time my hand touched his penis it basically went off right then.

Hair trigger loaded gun (for males), esoteric Enigma code breaking algorithm (for females).

The fastest I'd say was one of the first times I've sucked my guy in the beginning... Not the very first, but a few blowjobs in... We were basically making out forever, then I slipped down and took his penis out. I gave it a kiss, lick, then slid it into my mouth. Next thing I knew my mouth was being filled with squirts of his cum... It was something else :p

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