Grinding = Slutty ?
i heard some girls talking today about howgrinding/dirty dancing is super slutty andall this other crap.and i was just thinking.. i love dirty dancing.hahathats why i love dances..its one night wheregirls can be wild and NOT be considered a hoe..but apparently you are considered one ?..idk.any thoughts?  Kara. sixteen. single. not a virgin; always and pro-gay marriage.slave to fashion. beyond clumsy. nice person.
definitely not. i've gotten kicked out of dances several times for dirty dancing.(Catholic school sucks)and i think of it the same way you do:it's just a night to be free and not be considered a slut.c e r i s e [x] a n d r e a I'm Cerise. I'm sixteen. I'm in a bad mood today, so sorry if this box is all "life sucks". I don't believe in telling people all about my life in a little box in my signature. Just remember this: Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. And that's true of every last human being. I love animals, and I always will. Music is my one true love. I've done some things I'm not proud of, but I like to think my flaws make me more endearing. Maybe that's all in my head, but whatever. I try to be nice to everyone, but people piss me off. I hope you have a nice day. "How will you know I am hurting, if you cannot see my pain? To wear it on my body tells what words cannot explain.” proof // video proof // video proof // video
I think there is a limit. I like dirty dancing too but there are some people that just take it wayyyyy to far! I mean girls bent over mini skirts and stuff like that is a bit much but if it's not too over the top then I don't see a problem with it. I say go for it!
i think that totally bending over in front of a guy is slutty.but i don't think that dirty dancing generally is. {Laugh Louder, Hug Harder, Smile Bigger, Love Longer}{driven}{in love}{05.04.07}
haha i get called a slut alot. but i'm still a virgin! but anyway, no those girls are probably just jealous biatches so dno't pay any mind to them! just dance the way you want, when you dance your just trying to have fun and nothing elsee! your far from a skank baby. hah, i don't really know how to explain myself (:    
I think it's great if you can dirty dance in a sensual, teasing way... without busting out the stripper moves, haha. Unfortunately, I pretty much can't dance in general. This would be my version of a sexy dance: Hello, my name is Mary! I'm 50% Filipino, 50% white, 100% Canadian! Above is one of the very few decent webcam photos I manage to take. I have body issues, but I'm too lazy to let it bother me too much. I am dorky, I have nerdy tendencies, I usually can't ignore the opportunity for a quip when I see one, and I procrastinate fiercely. My boss [whom I love like a sister] says I am feisty and ballsy... and that I shouldn't ever change who I am for anyone. I am 20, taken (as of Dec. 1, 2007), and I am not a virgin. The boyfriend's name is Neill and he is 22 years old and he lives in Ireland. Yes, it is long-distance. No, I don't care if you think it's a silly idea and won't work out in the end. He is a special boy. <3 He is going to be the king of science. [Haha, probably going to Ireland August 13th-September 4th.] I love sexual humour and I think that (based on what little experience I have) sex is fun. :) [...he looks so intense in this pic, rofl.]
girlll, f.uck what they have to say. dancing is a way to express yourself! have fun with it! im one of the nicest and not the "crazy" friend in school, but once i get on the dance floor, its a whole different story. HAVEEE FUN!!!!! :) their probably just jealous because they cant dance like you! lmao Hiii! I'm Amanda! :) I'm really nice and you can pretty much talk to me about anything. I'll deff. be there for you.     :)add me  
Are you serious?Dirty dancing, is in no way slutty. I mean unless you're doing it with some other chicks bf, or with other guys when you have a bf already. But being single and doing it with single guys... no problem! I do think it's kinda annoying when girls are like, basically having sex though. Get a room, lol.But just some good ol' grinding, no problem with that. ---------------------------------- Hi, my name is Emily, And this is the boy who has my heart About me: I am 18 years old I am a virgin I am a Christian I love my family I am a CNA I am a bookworm I am a true Texan girl, born and raised. I am pro gay marriage I am pro choice- not pro abortion There is a difference I don't care much for politics I'm an optimist I am quiet/shy I might appear boring to you, and you might walk past me in the hallway without ever giving me a second glance. But take the time to get to know me, and you will find out that I have a lot to say- you just have to listen, I'm very goofy and silly, I love making people laugh, and I will be a loyal friend.
No its not!!! I dont dance at parties becauseI am ubber shy but I did once...SOOO FUN!!! But I can understand y some think that. The parties I go to are pretty wild. The girls dance on each other, itll be a big sandwhich, boys are laying on the floor while girls hit splits on them while poppin and grindin...stuff like that. But its all fun! Hey! No ones gettin pregnant! However sometimes the boyz do get a little to HAPPY, if u know what I mean!?!?!
mmm, girls will talk. What do you expect? Girls will be girls as said before. Ahaha I love grinding though. Everybody who knows me says it's like all my sexual energy is being released on the dance floor. Ahaha It's only because I'm pretty innocent and have only kissed a guy once. Things are just different on the dance floor. Yenno? Ahaha Just have fun. Might as well.(= Aim: hwihottie808 myspace:
It's definitely not slutty. I love it too! Now, I do think it's slutty when a girl's dress is up and I see more of the girl than I ever wanted(Ahem, people at the prom!) Or you start bending over and stuff like that. That's when it gets skanky. But when you're just out there with your girls or a guy you like or just a random guy, it's just means of expression. My friends and I say that we're being whores, but it's all in good fun. There is a line between dance f*cking and just grinding for fun. PS: All you Catholic school girls, I remember those dances where like 9 billion chaperones watch your every move. Haha. Gotta love public school and their lack of rules. :-)  
yeah idk i think to a certain extentlike i think it gets out of hand when it looks like people are fcuking on the dance floor and getting on all fours and not even going to the beat..grosses me out sometimesbut eh...jessica..fifteen..happy. i love my boyfriend daniel so much. i'd tell yu more about him.. but then yu might fall in love with him too. july 21, 2007 always and forever
grinding is NOT slutty AT ALL . its just dancing . i think whoever told u that is wayyyy too uptight . ~ ` ' *delicia_ _ .:.:♥M0ChA . BARBiE♥:.:. ♥ me PUt tHE LiME iN tHE C0C0NUt && tWiST iT ALL UpP ♥ ♥ ::fXCK yUh bitch were BRAND NEW ♥:: ♥12:06:07♥ *finally happy??




I replied and then Rita pointed out this post is from when I was 11 years old lol

this post is like 10 years old

It may be old, but as long as it's here I'll toss in a reply. I don't like grinding/dirty dancing. It seems like a way for girls to show how 'dirty' and therefore cool or progressive they are. It's really a step backward. If women want respect they should act respectable. Being as grungy as the guys is lowering to their level and not showing what we're really worth. Dancing is a beautiful art form and has countless different styles. When I was taking dance class I wanted to learn classic dance and some other traditional stuff but all they did was teach bump and grind moves. That's fine if we all wanted to graduate to become strippers, but that's not really what most of the 9-12 year olds were thinking when they signed up. If you want to dance, go for it. If you want to hump someone's leg, take it to someplace suitably private.

I kind of agree but sometimes things get silly! But more like a joke than serious. In fact I have done more what you could call "grinding" with girlfriends than with guys. In general I do wish girls would have more self respect with this kind of thing and I wish guys would also approach things with more respect, it's refreshing when you meet a guy who can do that without seeming boring or less masculine.

Well said, Mindy. I totally agree. It's funny how some girls/women act all dirty and sort of slutty then complain when guys act like horny dicks around them. Duh. You wanted attention and got exactly what you wanted?


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