Am I too young

Hey girls. I'm 13. I've been in a relationship with this boy Owen for about 8 months. He's 14.Everything is going amazing. We text all the time and both really like eachother. He's felt me up quite a few times which I really liked. I'd been thinking a little about going further with him for some time. Anyway the other day he told me he was ready and to let him know if I ever wanted to do it to let him know. I feel really keen. Anyway, I've spoken to my friends about this and they were like 'your only 13, what are you thinking'. I really want to go further with him though.?Am I too young? Is there anyone on here who did it at my age? Also if we do do it should we have sex or should I give him a blowjob or handjob. Thanks.

Hi Laura, I first had sex at 13 and loved it! What's the point in waiting if ur with a guy u like and u both want It!

You are waaay too young! I know you may feel old but in a few years you would really regret it, and see how young you really are. ?A lot of 'girls' on here are really peadophiles who get off over kids having sex. ?I'd take advice on here with a lot of caution.

What I wil say is condoms are 98% effective. ?For every 100 women using condoms PERFECTLY, 2 women will get pregnant on average. ?This is a statistics you can confirm with google. ?Sex having cum anywhere near your naked body is something you should only do when old enough to raise a child with a responsible partner. ?Accidents do happen! ?I'm not saying abstain all your life, just be aware of the risks you face when having sex and be prepared for the rare but possible outcome. ?

I'd say enjoy being young, don't feel pressure to grow up too fast and don't let anyone pressure you into sex. ?If your boyfriend respects you he will wait a few years for you to be ready.?

The difference in personality between who you are now and who you will be at 16 is night and day. ?You most likely won't be with the same boyfriend by then regardless of how much you think you love him now. ?We've all been there.

Well opinions are different but since you asked, in my opinion I think it would be better to wait, there are a lot of life mistakes, and emotional mistakes, that you can make when it comes to sex and at 13 you probably aren't ready to avoid or deal with those very well. JMO good luck either way!!


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