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Getting bored, boyfriend busy with other friends, and no one to talk to. I just posted this question here. Lets talk about the best sex we ever had. As details as possible.?

My best for couple of years back, when I was 16 and my first time too, It was sudden. I was at my boyfriends place in the afternoon. In india a guy and a girl cannot stay together alone in the house. I had bunked my extra and went to meet him coz, his parents were not in the home and we rarely use to get alone time. So, far we had just kissed each other for like 100 times, and may be played here and with his dick and my boobs :D.?

We were doing the same thing, on her bed kissing each other and fondling around, and he started going further, I tried to stop him but he took of my top, I wont deny, I was enjoying too, that gave me an access to his pants. Hehe.?

In next 10 mins we both were naked, and I couldnot stop myself from getting him inside me. He was looking hot, and I had probably seen first time a hard dick :D, though he cum in two mins. It was the best feeling ever. I still sometimes get wet imagining my first kiss and first penetration.?

Well I don't want to brag but I get good sex a lot lately, most weeks we have what I would consider really good sex. I am 20 my BF is 22 and we are in a LTR, he has his own apartment and I am able to spend the night, which helps. The main thing is, it's safe and loving and I am not very inhibited, we have let each other know what we like and it's not that different, and we try to kind of cater to each others interests. I will give an example from the weekend which is similar to what we often do. We were on his couch, I was sitting pressed up against him he had his arm around me. He started kissing my neck and shoulder. I leaned into him more and encouraged him. He pulled off my shirt and kissed my shoulders some more. I moved around so I was sitting on him and kissed back. We cuddled and kissed for a while shifting around positions a little. He gave me some little hints he wanted me to go down on him (had me lick his finger and lightly pushed my head. I told him to get a towel, he went and got one. When he came back he got back next to me on the couch, I got on the floor and I gave him oral sex to completion. He relaxed a little, I went to the bathroom to clean up a little and came back and snuggled against him. At this point we are half dressed. He took my hand and put it on my crotch. Which is how he tells me he wants me to masturbate. So, I did while he held me and watched. It was feeling good. And he was recovered enough by this point that, he pulled my pants and underwear off (pants were already half off) and got on top of me. I said "get the towel", he gave it to me and I kind of positioned it under me. Moving that towel around is unromantic but somebody has to do it lol. Then missionary sex plus kissing and his hand on my head.

After we finished he went to sleep, I went to clean up. Then came back, watched him sleep a while then snuggled up against him and put a blanket over us and also went to sleep.

Anyway we do something like that a lot and, I do orgasm maybe not every time but I'll say half the time. A couple of times I orgasmed once while masturbating and then once during sex. But sometimes I don't orgasm, and that is ok I like it anyway. Of course he orgasms twice every time when we do it this way. We also do quickies sometimes, I never orgasm from those he always does.

I will say, as far as JUST SEX, I have an ex who I had really mind blowing sex with him, but I don't want to put that much focus writing about my ex for several reasons one of which is that he treated me awful in every way other than giving me a lot of orgasms.

Haha, is it all girls psychology or just us (Rather just me), bad guys are good at giving orgasms. BTW, your current boyfriend sounds a nice guy, a hint of dominance with an assurance of love. You are lucky :D

I wouldn't say this is the best ever but it's the best in recent memory...
This happened about 2 years ago with my ex boyfriend...

We were fucking with me on my back on the bed and him standing up. I'd already cum twice, one from him eating me and again from me riding him. He starts kissing my feet and sucking my toes, which if you follow me enough on here you'll know I fucking LOVE. I was getting close to a third orgasm so i start squeezing my nipples, and at that moment he ran his tongue across the sole of my foot, and like it just hit me, instant orgasm, almost blackout from pleasure, I screamed so loud I'm sure everyone heard, and I just flooded the bed. It's weird, I've obviously has my soles licked before, but there was something about the timing that just triggered an orgasm so strong that I was trembling 2 hours later.

Yes, the ex is a whole long story, I was a freshman (18 years old) he was a senior, I thought he was the smartest person in the world and pretty much I was obsessed with him. He knew that and took advantage, I don't want to get into a lot of detail since it isn't the point of this topic and it would just make me mad. But sexually I had so many orgasms like, actually too many literally in some cases I was trying not to but involuntarily did.


I can understand. If it makes you feel any good. I too have a scary past with my ex. PM me if you want to share and know about me


Whoaa.. thats kind of rare fetish, but I am happy for you, as it gives you a pleasure. My sole, is so ticklishh.. that a gentle carres can make me scream high, and mind you, not the pleasure one. What are your other fetishes


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