Performance difference in age

Hey girls, I've got a curious situation for you. I had broken up with my boyfriend recently (he was the same age as me, 16) but got to know this older 20 year old guy. (It's legal where I am)
But one thing I've noticed is... his penis is far more mature. It stays hard, and shoots even more cum than my last bf. Have any of you noticed this moving on from younger to older guys??

I have no idea of that, but honestly. I dont think 16 and 20 can make much of a difference, besides each guy cum's differently irrespective of age. Also, It depends on the situation. Some time a guy going 2nd time in a day is going to make a less cum then a guy first. I can be wrong though


I guess this is true :) I mean, so far all I've noticed is that my new guy shoots a considerable amount more usually. I guess there are many factors.

I'm actually in the same situation, i dated a 15 and then 16 year old and now I'm with a 19 year old. My current bf lasts longer and shoots like loads more cum!


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