Cum on your body

How many others enjoy having cum on their body? I personally love when they pull out and shoot on my tummy. Where is your favorite place on your body for a guy to shoot? Do you ever taste it when they are done cumming?

Haha.. I love it on my boobs or tummy and sometimes butt cheek. I hate it on my face or hair, it can be a big disaster. Well I have tried tasting once, its same as the fresh cum(PS not a big fan of swallowing too, but sometimes if the guy means to me or I dont want to keep the taste in mouth)

My favorite is tummy/boobs area, yes I sometimes taste it, but I more enjoy the feel and smell. However I would say more often in this position it goes inside me. It gets on my butt and back more often, in that position. That is ok although more awkward to clean lol. It does sometimes reach my face, head and hair in either position which is annoying but I don't think it's intentional and I don't know how to avoid it?

What positions are you talking about?

We mostly do missionary and doggy it should be obvious which I mean in each case (:

How can you do doggy style. It pains in my case. I am not comfortable at all. Btw, I too love to smell it.. Even a dick smell turns me on.

Well to be clear I am talking about vaginal sex in both cases. That said, I don't have any extra pain this way. Other than if my butt gets slapped but that's good pain I don't think that's what you mean. A little pain can happen in any position if you aren't ready but that's not special for this position. Maybe you need to slightly adjust exactly how your bodies are positioned to reach better or something?

I actually think doggy is the most natural position because that is mostly what I see animals do in nature shows lol. And I think that is why girl butts turn guys on so much since they are on display during sex in that position.

For me I go back and forth which of those two positions I named are my favorite, they both have advantages, but I think missionary is better for bonding and doggy feels sluttier. So it depends what mood I am in I guess!

Hi, Yes I was talking about vaginal penetration only. The dick size i have sex with is max 6.5 inch i guess.. but very thick.. I think that can be an issue. ITs not soo painful, but i dont enjoy.. and it sometimes stretch my wall a lot.. I prefer.. missionary or cowgirl. Also at times.. i do doggy if my guy wants..?

I like it on my tummy and boobs


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