The big finish

Girls, am I the only one who loves the last part of sex... The cumshot. I mean the bigger the better. Is it just me?

Mine guy just cums so much ;) I love it xx

Who doesn't like making guys cum? Love it.

Bonus question.... where do you like him to cum?

The cumshot is one of my favourite parts. Nice, warm, a little bit salty sometimes.
Feeling it in my mouth is the best :)

I have only been with my boyfriend a few weeks so havent seen many, but when he does there is a lot and its great.

Well of course the actual moment it happens is a big deal, like "success" and you're kind of proud and feel a sense of achievement, which sounds funny but you all know what I mean!! As for the amount. Generally the more there is, the more exciting or the more "porny" it feels, that said, it's also messy, but it's worth it. I have learned where to put towels and I have learned to keep Zout on hand lol. If you don't know what Zout is you should google it there is a good reason for it.

Anyway I guess in any situation I want the most possible, I used to not, but think between just figuring out how to deal with messes better, plus being in a LTR and being committed to each other, I would drink a glass of it, I would take a bath in it lol. In my mouth it's satisfying to feel like it's enough to think it's almost at the level of being a snack. Inside me I can feel the warmth after radiating out into my body. On the outside of my body I feel marked or claimed. I suddenly realized how dirty and whorish I sound but, it's the truth. The only thing is that I don't want it in my hair and I wouldn't want him to do something dumb like get it all over clothes or sheets.


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