Relationship with boyfriend's sister

Well this is a simple question in a way although there's a longer story behind it that I won't get into.

Long story short. If a girl is dating a guy, but she's known the guy's sister longer than she's known him, and she and the sister have had kind of a playful flirting relationship from before she dated the guy, and they still have the playful flirting relationship. With the most "serious" thing between them being that, while sleeping in the same bed when she spends the night at the BF's parents' house, the sister humps her or kind of grinds on her and spoons her and they hold hands. The sister is the humper and the big spoon the girlfriend is the humpee and little spoon, she (the girlfriend) willingly holds hands and cuddles a little and likes it other than worry about whether it counts as infidelity or will hurt the boyfriend when/if he finds out. And the sister jokes or brags about "sleeping with her" and everybody knows they cuddle and hold hands but not the humping. And the relationship with the boyfriend is very serious and obviously the sister knows that. The question is, is she (the girlfriend) being unfaithful, should she tell the sister to stop, should she tell the boyfriend about it, or should she just let it happen and not create any drama?

That depends. I mean I do think the boyfriend should know in an ordinary situation, but because it's his sister, it's a bit tricky and could lead to a ton of problems, do the girlfriend and sister do this as just an experimenting thing or are they bisexual and think a relationship is something they might want? If it's just experimenting then I think it's better to just keep it like it is but be very careful that the bf doesn't find out. Maybe it would be safer if the sister stayed at the girlfriends house. ?It sounds ?deceptive and sneaky but it would avoid so many very possible problems?

The advice above is condoning cheating. ?You know the girlfriend is being unfaithful or you wouldn't be asking this question. ?Acting in a flirting or romantic way is cheating. ?Enjoying being humped (still don't get the logistics or how far That goes from your response) is clearly not okay in a committed, faithful relationship. ?But humping is for sexual pleasure. ?Remove gender from the equation and imagine the girlfriend was doing ANY of that with his brother.

Experimenting like Sammy says should be done OUTSIDE a relationship, not during. ?You can see how that will end badly. ?The girlfriend needs to decide if she wants an open and honest relationship, if she wants to be with the boyfriend OR his sister. ?Unless he knows and is fine with it.?

Well the boyfriend (and everybody else) knows that the two girls have always been flirty and "joke" about sexual stuff with each other, and everybody in the house knows that they sleep together when the girlfriend visits because she's not allowed to sleep in the boyfriend's bed in his parents' house, although she does sleep in his bed when she stays at his apartment. They cuddle on the couch and people have walked in on them spooning in bed, so it's kind of like, hiding in plain sight in a way. There's no discussion or idea of the girlfriend leaving the boyfriend for the sister, the sister doesn't suggest that, so, it's kind of like: it seems wrong somehow but what is it actually hurting and maybe it would cause more problems to turn it into an issue. ? Also FWIW the sister also has a boyfriend, they have been together a year although she criticizes him a lot.

As you say, still hiding it. ?That's a lot of excuses but that doesn't change that it is still cheating.


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