Period Problem

Is it only me, or there are many girls out there who hate using a Tampon.?

My mother, suggest me to use tampons along with pads, but I hate it. It pains like hell when I have to first insert and more painful while removing it.?

Does anyone has similar problem or I am some unblessed creature :/

Hello, pads itself is already good enough for menstruation. I never used a tampon before because i hated the feeling and i hated the insertion. Using pads is just completely normal.

I don't use tampons due to septic shock... scares the bajesus out of me!

Glad to hear, I am not the only one going in the same boat. I sometimes feel guys got lucky in getting more comfort in life

"more painful when removing it" - it sounds like you're removing the tampon before it's fully saturated. Removing a tampon too early when it's 'dry' can hurt! Try waiting longer and use lower absorbany until you get used to tampons and know your flow better (especially if you're using a pad with it, then no worries if you leak a little)

Inserting - are you using cardboard or plastic? At least to start, I recommend plastic as it's much easier to insert vs. cardboard and will be less painful.?

If you've only tried tampons a few times, be sure to be using them when you have medium or heavy flow to start - again, light flow days will make them more painful if they are 'dry'.?


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