Idk how to do this

hi! My boyfriend wants a blowjob and I want to give him one, but I'm still kinda sheltered and I literally don't know what to do... like I know it goes in my mouth. That's it. I dont know what to do to make him cum. I'm sorry for being so explicit but google isn't helping me so... any clarification at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 😬

Why don't you just watch a porn video? However, if you really want advice you should start off by licking the underside of his dick. Maybe take one of his testicals into your mouth or lick them. Then make your way back up again, lick the 'mushroom' part of his penis. This is the most sensitive part of the penis. Gently bring the head into your mouth, be careful not to nick him with your teeth because it will hurt. Bob your head up and down. Change it up if you want and take the penis out lick the underside again or take one of the balls into your mouth and suck. I hope this helps!

He'll be happy if you just touch it. Doesn't take much to please a man.?


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