Am I thinking too far into this, too quickly?

Recently in December of 2017 I downloaded Tinder. My friend encourage me to do it, I had it for a couple of days before just for fun, but deleted it because I got bored. I redownloaded it before I left for winter break, and activly had it for about a month. I would talk to people here and there, and it was fun but it wasn't really anything that I liked or really wanted. I even thought about deleting it at one point. The only reason, or one of the reasons, I kept it was because I wanted to show my friend, because the last time I deleted it and she wanted to see it. But, I'm getting off topic.?

Fast forward into the new year. January of 2018, I matched with this really cute guy. He messaged me, I guess the day we matched, I don't really remember and we started talking. Which the conversation we were having was very corny, but also very genuine at the same time. I mean, it wasn't the typical tinder messages one would send. They were slightly awkward and real. Eventually, the next morning, he asks for my number, or at least I realize that he wanted my number, so I gave it to him. He texted me of course, and we are texting throughout the day. Around the afternoon he asks me out on a date. To keep a long story short, we went out to play board games at a local cafe. We walked around downtown and eventually went back to his apartment. To once again keep a long story short we had sex, it was my first time, but I wanted to have sex with him. I didn't end up leaving until 4pm the next day. He drops me off back at home, and I don't end up texting him until a day later. The thing is, I had to text him, but I was weary about that because people, not him, always talk about how virgins are clingy and whatever, which is not me. I just thought it would be weird for me also to not text him. So I did, and we texted for the whole day. I went back to school a few days later. Along those days we snapchat each other, so their is some kind of connection between one another, which I guess is good. Most of the time I would be the one to snapchat him first and he would respond fairly quickly, and we would just keep that going. He did however once snapchat me something that reminded him of something I said. Which this was last week (actually last week 1/15-1/19). Then from there we are snapping each other for a entirety of the week. (I just want to take a second and apoligize for my generation, and our means of communication, haha). Then, thorugh snap, he asks me whata i'm doing this weekend (1/20-21). I tell him I'm working, but not really doing that much. My job isn't that tradional, it's a school job. He says and asks if it would be okay if he came to visit me for the weekend. I tell him that I would love for him to come visit me, as I really like this guy. So he comes down this past Saturday. We get lunch, I give him a tour of the school, we talk about our week and he comments on the contents of my room, blah blah blah. Then he says, and I quote "I'm done looking around you're room now. Do you want to make out". Which in the split second that it took me to reactand respond, I said sure, because I did, but I was just a little taken aback by him saying it, and how naturally he said it. Long story short we had sex. We talked after, about oursleves, things we like. He told me that, what I gathered, in a nutshell that he just completely ended a relationship with his past girlfriend a month ago. Whic from what he told me, for a long time it wasn't really a relationship anymore well before that either. After that he went to go get food, we watched three movies and cuddled. Although during the last movie we both just fell asleep, so I got up to turn my tv off and we went to sleep. We talked in the morning, he even left later than what he initially said he was going to. He left in the morning a little before 10am. He kissed my bye several times which I thought was sweet, and probably a an un-needed detail. Since then, current time of today, we have been texting and snaping.?

My main question and I guess concern, that has been on my mind since he came on Saturday and left on Sunday, is does he like me? I know I left a lot out from my story above, so it's kind of hard to judge. I didn't want to make this too long. I also feel like I might like him more than he likes me, but I've been told I can't really know that, Also this has only been two interactions, face to face with him, so I might just be overthinking this one hundred and ten percent. I don't know. All I know is, to me, and this just could be me, I'm not him. To me, it doesn't make since to drive 80 miles, a little less than an hour and thirty minutes just to hook up with someone you might not really like, or have only interacted with once, unless you like them, or wantto pursue something further. I honestly really like him, and I just want to know if I should keep my guard up or to stop worrying about this and just go with the flow.?

I also wanted to make it a point that I haven't been on Tinder since I met him.?

Before I get lynched by other members here I'll preface this with 'this is my opinion others will differ'.

What the fuck are you doing with your life?! You met a guy on tinder, who was effectively still a stranger, and shagged him straight away. Then you start talking about how you 'really like him'. How can you POSSIBLY know that? You don't even KNOW the guy you let take your virginity. It doesn't sound like you wanted that act to mean nothing, but really it was meaningless casual sex. You are so worringly niave i'm struggling to see if this is a real post.

You think a guy wouldn't drive 80 miles to have sex with a willing girl? You can see when you were sharing things that weren't sex related he brought it back to sex. Think of it this way, it would be like a fancy food place saying 'eat all you want it's free, just drive to get here'. Everyone would drive to get there to get what they wanted (in your case to have sex). Sex is a basic desire most people will do a lot for to fulfil.?

Now you can randomly fuck people you barely know as much as you want, that is your business. But this isn't a relationship, it's a 'fuck buddy' situation except you've only known the guy a couple of days. Just please use god damn protection. Sex has whatever value you ascribe to it, same with your body. You have to decide how you value yourself and act accordingly. I'd just say that if you are after a meaningful, loving relationship with a decent person then you should get to know them on a long-term deeper level, as friends, emotionally, what their values are, what their ambitions and goals are, etc. Then after months decide if you want to express your affections intimately with sex. Also, then you don't have all these doubts about whether the guy you had sex with even likes you or wants to see you again for anything more than your body. In fact, I'd say get to a stage when you have no doubts first, then have sex with someone.?

Or if you just like sex and don't care about the person/relationship, knock yourself out and carry on shagging. Just know which you are doing!

Yes he seems to like you, but I have to be honest, I think sex on the first date makes it a little harder to figure out or plan next steps. He might be nice etc because he knows he can get sex any time. There is nothing wrong with that as far as it goes but it can be hard to separate whether he really likes YOU or he just likes the fact that he can get sex from you. I am not sure what to suggest tbh, it would be weird at this point to start withholding sex, it would come across like you're mad. And if you just ask him if he's in it for the sex or if he cares about you he could just lie, easily. But I guess I would suggest asking him anyway since I can't think of a better option? Or another idea would be to ask for his help on a project that will take a while for example moving a bunch of stuff or working on your car or anything that would require some time and dedication. My advice earlier would have been not to have sex so soon for this reason, if you are looking at it as a potential LTR. Good luck!!


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